Lovely Recordings: ML's Classics, Video Edition!

Five Lovelies from my record racks.

Jimi Hendrix: Gloria (Polydor, 1978)
I should have said 'ilve in the studio'. Available on The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Deluxe Reissue) from Tidal.

Jimi Hendrix - Gloria by scootaway

Lowell Davidson Trio: Lowell Davidson Trio (ESP Disk, 1965)
I wrote about this album back in November 2012.

Bill Dixon Orchestra: Intents & Purposes (RCA Victor, 1967)
Available from Tidal

Fritz Hauser: Solodrumming (hat ART, 1985)
Available from Tidal

Washington Phillips: What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? (Mississippi Records, 2006)
Download of the Week August 14, 2015

kenmac's picture


That was great. Have to get that Hauser LP!

A small splash of lighter fluid, wait 5 minutes, and the PREX sticker will slide off..


Anton's picture

Hi Fi Man!

Thanks for the barn time!

GarkM's picture

I found the Washington Phillips at a local record store shortly after your download of the week heads up. It really is lovely and unique.

MatthewF's picture

Hey Michael,

Thanks for sharing these recordings, I'm going to check them out this week!

I think it was your writing, years ago, that turned me on to Washington Phillips, and I've always been grateful for it. The new Dust to Digital cd set is pretty great, and the essay is stunning in how Michael Corcoran unearths parts of Phillips' life. Cheers!

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I was curious about the Superior Viaduct reissue. I picked it up based upon your recommendation. You're right, it's a nice reissue. I've been wanting this on vinyl for some time. Keep up the reviews. Very helpful!

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Michael motivated me to get my vinyl rig up and running and listen to some of my lovelies that have been long ignored.

I was also successful in getting my VPI 17 record cleaner vacuuming again.

Thanks for the inspiration Michael!