Lovely Recordings by John R. Miller – Merry Christmas to Pops from the Boys

It was quite a mix of good LP recordings from both boys. They told me they put some good thought into their music selection. In no particular order here is my latest batch of Lovely Recordings to plug into and download for yourselves.

Pink Floyd: Animals (Harvest/Columbia, 1977)
I have only heard this on an MP3 and as usual with an MP3 I just lost interest. This was recorded between my two favorite Pink Floyd albums: Wish you Were Here and The Wall. No wonder it blew me out when I put it on last night.

Available from Qobuz

Chris Stapleton: Traveller (Mercury Nashville, 2015)
I love real country in the tradition of Merle and Jamey, and this belongs with the best of them. Music from the soul and heart. No new pseudo country rap-crap to be found here. (sorry to the millions that I have just offended)

Available from Tidal

Charles Mingus: The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (Impulse! Records, 1963)
Just a little different from the preceding recordings. I did not Mingus much when I first heard him. Including this one. So I listened hard and focused. I finally get it! Really!

Available from HDtracks

Bill Evans: Waltz For Debbie (Riverside Records, 1961)
I have been working on list of my favorite jazz ballads. Waltz for Debbie is in the top 10 or 20 depending on which day of the week it is. The two albums cut from the Village Vanguard sets are the best live jazz recordings put down at the Vanguard. (In my most humble opinion) You have a front row seat, but can still hear the bartender. The crowd is quiet and not distracting. This is a must have for any jazz fan.

Available from HDtracks

Joni Mitchell: Hejira (Asylum Records, 1976)
Jaco Pastorius drives this set of mature Joni angst. I had not heard this in a long time. Glad to have it back in rotation.

Available from HDtracks

Kacey Musgraves: Pageant Material (Mercury Nashville, 2015)
You can tell she had a blast making this recording. I smile the whole time I listen to this. She is a clever writer without being corny.

Available from Tidal

Dexter Gordon: Go (Blue Note, 1962)
Anything he put down was great. "I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry" shows Dexter was one of the best of the jazz balladeers. This is bop with a soul at its best.

Available from HDtracks

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers: Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk (Atlantic, 1957)
Art Blakey's genius was ever changing personnel so that he always had a fresh sound. Monk recorded many sets with various musicians, but none have the impact as this set. Monk is part of the band, not just a guest artist.

Available from Tidal

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere (Reprise Records, 1969)
My stack has quite a few Neil Young albums. I just plain old overlooked this one for all of these years. I figured it could never be as good as his subsequent (in my opinion) masterpieces. A great discovery in your senior days is a bonus.

Available from HDtracks

Thanks guys!!

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Richard D. George's picture

Love Waltz for Debbie. Had the CD, which I had ripped in Apple lossless format. Now have the high rez version from HD Tracks. It is like you "are there".

Richard D. George's picture

... I judge the latest solo album from David Gilmour to be very good:

"Rattle That Lock"

High rez available from HD Tracks.
Recorded at David's studio on a houseboat. Presented some electrical grounding challenges.

DH's picture

The older CD is much better sounding than the hi-res remaster.