Lovely Recordings Hosted by Richard Crimi (Part 2)

This round of recordings are things that I discovered in one way or another from Tidal. Either the artists were brand new to me or ones I've known about and rediscovered. And then there a few notable mentions that friends pointed me to.

Richmond Fontaine: You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To (Fluff & Gravy Records, 2016)
This Portland group are doing their last gigs as a band and this is their final album. It's a fine one, sorry to see these guys go.

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Adam Cohen: Like A Man (Decca U.S., 2012)
I caught Adam Cohen last year at Calgrary Folk and Music Fest. He has a fine rich voice and you can hear his father Leonard in it. Yes, that Leonard. He doesn't perform much and very little of his music is available and that's too bad. But here's one to enjoy.

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Myles Sanko: Forever Dreaming (Légère Recordings, 2014)
Myles Sanko knocked me out on first listen. This guy has mountains of energy and the hugest smile on stage. Dubbed “the lovechild of soul” he lives up to it. I ended up buying signed vinyl copies of two of his albums, and if you buy one from his label you get the FLAC download too.

Available at Tidal or Legere Recordings with a vinyl/download deal

Tanita Tikaram: Closer To The People (earMUSIC, 2016)
Tanita's new album. Please come tour the US. Please.

Available at Tidal

Songs Ohia: Electric Magnolia Company (10th Anniversary Edition) (Secretly Canadian, 2013)
Wow, this is potent. That's all I'm going to say.

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Bruce Cockburn: Nothing But A Burning Light (Columbia Records, 1991)
Raw and powerful Bruce Cockburn with production by T Bone Burnett.

Get it on his label, Truenorth

Melody Gardot: Currency Of Man (The Artist'S Cut) (Verve Int'l, 2015)
This woman has an extraordinary life story. She suffered severe injuries from a bicycle accident and learned to reconnect part of her brain through music. God, what the day's must have/are like for her. But her incredible talent remains. This new one's a keeper.

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Michael Stanley: Live In Tangiers (Line Level Music, 1998)
A lot has been written how Michael Stanley and his band “almost” broke nationally. But alas, he remains a local Northeast Ohio hero. Here he gives a great laid-back live performance in Tangier nightclub in my hometown, Akron. And the crowd loves it. So do I.

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OK, the special mentions that friends turned me on to or pointed me toward. See, sharing lovely recordings is the best way.

Grant-Lee Philips: The Narrows (Yep Roc Records, 2016)
One of the many great performers on the Yep Roc label, caught him at a recent show and picked up a vinyl copy which he graciously signed.

Available on Tidal

Patty Larkin: Red=Luck (Vanguard, 2003)
Patty Larkin's music is up close and personal, sometimes almost whimsical and fun, always tasteful.

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Toni Price: Low Down And Up (Texas Music Group, 1999)
Toni Price sings in a powerful and sultry blues style. Yeah.

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I live near Portland, Oregon and besides listening to music I enjoy the great outdoors.

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I created this list before the recent changes at Pono Music. Downloads are (at least) currently unavailable there, so you might try Tidal instead or Quobuz if you can access that. But they can all be streamed at Tidal.

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Like it when there is something new for me to explore.

Wilderness's picture

I am loving their music right now, thanks to your graciously sharing your recommendations. What gems! Honest music from the heart.

I agree with the Patty Larkin recommendation. I have that album and most of her others, too. Her "Coming up for air," on the Perishable Fruit album, is the most beautiful song I've heard.

I feel a huge indebtedness to Audiostream and Michael Lavorgna for providing these tips on music as well as the equipment reviews. This is almost always the first website I visit every evening after work.

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Somehow I missed the headline. Thank you, Richard, for providing these tips. And thanks to Michael for providing these opportunities for people to share their recommendations.

grantray's picture

Michael, I'm curious how you're using Tidal to discover new music. I've found the app to be horrible for discovering anything that isn't top 40. Looking for similar albums from other artists is also difficult at best, impossible the rest of the time. I want to love it and support the (sorta) little guy, but I'm pretty over seeing multiples of Lemonade at the top of every segment when I open the app. I keep finding myself using Apple for discovery, then going back to Tidal for Hi-Res. But then Apple keeps sucking me in with amazing, eclectic play lists based on my usage history, and now I find I'm barely using Tidal at all.

Also, a close friend just gave me that Richmond Fontaine album last week. It's beautiful.

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I have listened to all of the selections and they are all quite good. I was only familiar with Patty Larkin. My favorite of hers is Running Angels.