Lovely Recordings: Hosted By Pål Bråtelund

Even though I’m in the music business, I make sure to have a plectrum in my suit pocket if I wear a suit so I don’t forget why I do what I do. Everything we do at TIDAL is for the music, even if we are buried deep in coding, tweaking codecs, creating marketing campaigns, integrating streaming in obscure high-end audio brands or putting on a live streamed top tier concert. The music comes first.

As many of you perhaps already know, I’m into streaming and good sounding streaming. First of all that means finding good music. The rest is about streaming it in a way so that nothing breaks.

As an aftershock to the first hifi shows I attended three-four years ago, I started collecting new music to demo with and for the hotel room after a long day’s work shutting out all the usual audiophile repertoire suspects. Calibrating the ears and the mind.

And since I’m a fan of lists with no more than five items, here are some really good albums.

Highasakite: Silent Treatment (Propeller Recordings, 2014)
I have chosen the Highasakite album because I’m proud to know the guys who recorded it and it’s so good to hear pop that’s so well crafted. A big Scandinavian soundscape! And a proof that if you leave some headroom for the music, people love to use their volume control…

Nidarosdomens Jentekor: Magnificat (2L, 2014)
Magnificat is such a beautiful album and even though it has just been nominated for best surround sound at Grammy’s, it’s also highly enjoyable as a two channel recording. Listen for the placement of the elements and get dragged into the larger-than-life soundscape.

Bengt E. Hanssen: Pianostykker fra en Bakgård (Månestein, 2015)
Bengt E. Hanssen’s album is a new favourite. It’s just been released and you can read more about this interesting project here: It might be me transforming into grown-up but in the last couple of years I have turned into a big fan of the solo piano. When it is well recorded, like here, it is a divine thing.

Lambchop: Is a Woman (Merge, 2002)
Lambchop’s Is a Woman is an album that has been with me for a long time. It’s one of the most restful and good sounding concerts I ever went to. Every sound was so chosen yet so laid back and friendly. It felt like instead of effect boxes, every time they wanted a new guitar sound they brought a new guitarist on stage. It’s almost as if I can smell the red wine I had while listening. A great moment stored in memory by music.

Ana Moura: Desfado (Fado, 2012)
Desfado is a well recorded album and Ana Moura is ON FIRE! Just listen.

Highasakite: Silent Treatment

Nidarosdomens Jentekor: Magnificat

Bengt E. Hanssen: Pianostykker fra en Bakgård

Lambchop: Is a Woman

Ana Moura: Desfado

Pål Bråtelund (42). Strategic Partnerships and caretaker for sound at TIDAL.

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Thank you Pål for the selection - great stuff!!!
Jerry Cmehil
Well Rounded Sound

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Ana Moura's album is a joy to hear. The recording is hardly minimalist, but I find its style of engineering attractive. It creates an immersive experience with bass you can feel and vocals you can touch. It doesn't sound live; it sounds lively.

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All new artists and albums to me, loving having Tidal as a discovery resource

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Thanks for the discoveries. I'm particularly enjoying Nidarosdomens Jentekor: Magnificat. Rich, deep and beautiful. Can't wait to hear what you come up with next.

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I cannot begin to tell you how great TIDAL is. I worked in the record business many years ago and still have around 1500 LPs. But the clarity and selection you have is awesome. Please, please add MQA as soon as you can and thank you for my mil discount. amazing work, you guys ROCK!!