Lovely Recordings Hosted by Michael Manousselis

[Editor's Note: Dynaudio North America's Director of Marketing Mike Manousselis and I were having an email exchange wherein I sent him a link to Sturgill Simpson's cover of Nirvana's "In Bloom". I had played Mike Simpson's cover of When In Rome's "The Promise" at CES, which Mike recognized immediately (at which time he cracked up). Mike returned the favor, in spades, and I thought it would be great fun to share Mike's list of some favorite covers. Enjoy!]
Song to the Siren
Cover Artist: This Mortal Coil
Original Artist: Tim Buckley

Cover Artist: Ride
Original Artist: Dead Can Dance

Eight Miles High
Cover Artist: Husker Du
Original Artist: Byrds

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Cover Artist: Tori Amos
Original Artist: Nirvana

Billy Jean
Cover Artist: Chris Cornell
Original Artist: Michael Jackson

Wish You Were Here
Cover Artist: Catherine Wheel
Original Artist: Pink Floyd

I Know It's Over
Cover Artist: Jeff Buckley
Original Artist: The Smiths

How Soon is Now
Cover Artist: Love Spit Love
Original Artist: The Smiths

Miss World
Cover Artist: The Afghan Whigs
Original Artist: Hole

Cover Artist: Johnny Cash
Original Artist: Nine Inch Nails

Cover Artist: Galaxie 500 & Radiohead
Original Artist: Joy Division/New Order

Love Vigilantes
Cover Artist: Iron & Wine
Original Artist: New Order

Sight of You
Cover Artist: Ride & Dum Dum Girls
Original Artist: Pale Saints

The Exploding Boy
Cover Artist: The Alkaline Trio
Original Artist: The Cure

In Between Days
Cover Artist: Ben Folds
Original Artist: The Cure

Cover Artist: The Editors
Original Artist: The Cure

Willing to Wait
Cover Artist: Catherine Wheel
Original Artist: Sebadoh

That's When I Reach For My Revolver
Cover Artist: Catherine Wheel
Original Artist: Mission of Burma

Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Cover Artist: Rob Dickinson
Original Artist: The Smiths


Eric L's picture

Given Michael's taste for the Smiths I would like to point you on this cover version of my favourite band Radohead playing my other favourite band The Smiths with Headmaster's ritual -->

Thank you for making my day. Eric

slim's picture

I find joy in digging up weird cover versions, too. Guess it's about time to bring forth my Lovely Recordings ...

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is the reggaefied version by Shinehead, see

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Emm Gryner has a brilliant set of covers in her album "Girl Versions" where she takes hard rock classics and turns them into ballads. It's amazing how deep some of the lyrics are. My favorite on the album is "Crazy Train".