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One rainy Sunday a few years ago, I found myself listening to some of my records, wondering if it would be worth it to go for a better sound system. So I bought a magazine at a gas station shop and phoned up a friend of a friend who was know for being an audiophile.

A few years later, I’ve come a long way. I want to share a few recordings that kept me going even through those times I thought this hobby to be a waste of time and money.

Glen Hansard: Rhythm and Repose (ANTI- Records, 2012)
I bought this LP because the cover grabbed my attention. After being to a concert of Glen Hansard, this album never lost its magic for me and I've never seen anyone play with so much love for the music. Catch this guy if you can.

Available from HDtracks

Tom Waits: Rain Dogs (Island Record, 1985)
I was introduced to Tom Waits by the same guy who help me set up my first hi-fi. He asked me why there weren't any Tom Waits albums in my collection, since he thought they would fit in with what I like really well.

I bought a used copy of Rain Dogs on LP via eBay the same day. The first time spinning the record got me thinking—why should I like this? It sounds like a guy playing at a funfair—but something grabbed my attention, so I gave it another spin. Today, Tom Waits is the artist I love the most, owning all of his records. But Raindogs will always have a special place in my heart, 'cause with this it all started.

Available from Qobuz

Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall 1971 (Reprise Records, 2007)
I really like Neil Young, but as you can expect from an artist with as many releases as Mr. Young, not everything he released will get as much attention as this. I tend to prefer his records from the older decades.

Most of all, I really love him performing solo acoustic guitar without a band. As a European, I will not get the chance to see him perform live acoustic and alone, but this recording along with Live at the Cellar Door gives me the opportunity to deeply listen into his acoustic sets.

Available from Qobuz

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Boatman’s Call (Mute/Reprise, 1997)
I bought this record on the day it was released (02.03.97) and instantly fell in love with it. This is for me some kind of „right place right time“ release, always keeping it in mind as the Nick Cave album I love the most. I really like / love all of his releases, but this is something special for me.

At this point I would like to dedicate this to Nick Cave, as I really feel with him for the tragedy his family had to go trough last year, losing their son. I hope he will find to power to keep on doing what he does so well.

Available from Qobuz

Today I own a Genelec SAM system, which I love for it’s ability to easily correct for room response, and a collection of headphone equipment.

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Fetuso's picture

"boatman's call" is a great album. I hadn't heard about his son, that's awful.

2_channel_ears's picture

is way cool. Neither of us may not see Neil live solo,but where I live I may not see Glen! At least anytime soon. Thanks for a great turn-on.

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Just a note that it's all on TIDAL, etc., as of now...and it's remastered and sounds great!