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I was born and raised in Texas, and after going to a small college in Tennessee and working in Washington DC for a number of years, settled with my wife in her native Oklahoma. My father and grandfather were always into audio gear, but never really strayed from name brands like Sony. My earliest systems were hand-me-downs from them. I've slowly built a number of systems, mostly geared around desktop settings and late night lounge-chair headphone listening (I've got small kids...). Lately I've become attached to a number of albums that remind me of certain aspects of growing up and now living again on the plains.

Hayden Pedigo: Greetings from Amarillo (Driftless Recordings, 2017)
Hayden lives in the town I was born in - Amarillo, TX. He finds the beauty and interest in living there in spite of its flaws, and I really appreciate that.

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Dylan Golden Aycock: Church of Level Track (Scissor Tail, 2016)
Dylan lives in Tulsa, OK (where I lived for a few years during law school), which is a really underrated city in terms of the creatives that live and work there. To me, he writes the sound track for living in modern day Oklahoma.

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Scott Hirsch: Blue Rider Songs (Scissor Tail, 2016)
This album by a member of Hiss Golden Messenger obviously pays homage to JJ Cale, a Tulsa icon. As the owner of his own studio, Hirsch recorded it beautifully.

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Terry Allen: Lubbock (on everything) (Fate Records, 1979)
Now a visual artist, Terry Allen has always captured and appreciated what can be appreciated about West Texas.

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Richard Buckner: Bloomed (Glitterhouse Records, 1994)
Buckner recorded this album in west Texas with Lloyd Maines, a staple of the outlaw country scene. It was my intro to Buckner, who remains one of my favorite songwriters.

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John Moreland: In the Throes (Last Chance Records, 2013)
Moreland was recently signed to 4AD records and is an heir to the region's songwriting legacy.

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grantray's picture

I grew up spitting distance from I-40 on the east side of Oklahoma, and I've seen my fair share of sunrises and sunsets traveling that tar snake between Lake Eufaula and Amarillo. I hadn't heard half of these before your post. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and if you haven't heard Gary P. Nunn's performance at Austin City Limits, you might give that a try.

williamf's picture

The Terry Allen album is magnificent.