Lovely Recordings Hosted by Jon Daniels (Part 2)

My second submission. Enjoy!

Galactic: Galactic Vintage Reserve (Volcano Entertainment, 2003)
I absolutely love Galactic, I've always loved the music of New Orleans, sadly never been. Galactic to me does a perfect job of blending traditional New Orleans music, with funk and electronica, and a little rap. It's fun music, it's dance music, its just a blast to listen to on the system or in the car. I chose Vintage Reserve as it's a nice compilation of tunes from 3 other albums but I would highly recommend any of their records.

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Nathaniel Rateliff: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (Stax, 2015)
I was hipped to this band about a month ago, my friend was having his big annual LP side night, lots of records and lots of bourbon! The system was modest, a U-turn Orbit TT, spun the records and when this came on I was transfixed. Immediately I was sure it was a record from the 60s or 70s I had just never heard. I was shocked to find out they are a current touring CO band. Think of it as a blend of folk, Americana, and a heavy dose of R&B. I listened to this their self titled album and their second record A Little Something More obsessively for a few weeks.

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Tim Warfield: Gentle Warrior (Criss Cross Jazz, 2009)
An ex gave me this disc many years ago she heard it recommended on a radio show and I was instantly taken with it. Warfield plays the sax with a big tone, long and lyrically here. With a top notch rhythm section, Cyrus Chestnut, Tarus Mateen, and Clarence Penn, plus trumpet players Terrell Stafford and Nicholas Payton. "The Grim Reapers Rapture" is a really stunning improvisational track. Solid recording quality as well.

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