Lovely Recordings Hosted by John Hudson (part 2)

I agree it’s a great column and look forward to checking it out every week.

Damon Albarn, Afel Bocoum, Toumani Diabaté & Friends: Mali Music (Honest Jon's/EMI, 2002)
Fun world music featuring Damon Albarn of Blur fame. Came across this one while checking out Damon’s non-Blur projects, infectious, bouncy stuff.

Available from Qobuz

Black Dub (Jive, 2010)
Cool and kind of trippy Daniel Lanois collaboration, a good choice for a rainy day.

Available from Qobuz

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express: Live at the Baked Potato (Fuel 2000, 2008)
Brian’s birthday party with his kids, good stuff. Transports you to a happy, feel good party.

Available from Qobuz

Carla Kihlstedt: Two Foot Yard (Tzadik, 2003)
Classically trained violinist getting her freak on. Appeals to me as an interesting change of pace, not the same old thing.

Available from HDtracks

Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes: Baby Caught The Bus (Cult Classics Pty Ltd., 2013)
Retro soul with plenty of attitude; sounds familiar on the one hand but then not so much on the other.

Available from Qobuz

Clutch: Pure Rock Fury (Atlantic Records, 2001)
Filled with energy; I’m often drawn to the energy in music and this does not disappoint.

Available from Qobuz

Jorane: The You and the Now ()
Pretty girl and a cello, what’s not to like.

Available from Qobuz

General Patton & The X-ecutioners: Joint Special Operations Task Force (Ipecac Recordings, 2005)
File this one under different. We have a group of audiophiles and music lovers that take turns hosting music nights—I managed to clear the room with this one, enjoy!

Available from Qobuz

I’m a 49 year music nut and audiophile, constantly searching for my next new music fix.

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markbrauer's picture

Their prices are suspiciously low.

dbtom2's picture

One of the few Nelson Pass creations I can actually afford.

jimx1169's picture

Going to a site's "about" page isn't a valid way to verify the legitimacy of a website. They may be legit, but I'm steering away for now. Going to need more info.

tulysses's picture

Michael- Would appreciate whatever info you might add about As markbrauer said, it looks too good to be true on price. An example-
Blue & Lonesome (24Bit/96KHz) [LP] '2016
Rolling Stones, The

Michael Lavorgna's picture
...asking for more information.

One thing that raises suspicion, beyond their pricing, lack of any real business credentials, and somewhat unprofessional site design, is the fact that Nelson Pass, i.e. The Real Nelson Pass of Pass Labs etc., does not have PhD. So my guess is they are referring to some other Nelson Pass which, imo, stinks because that means they are being purposefully misleading. Red Flag.

I hope they respond to my questions and will post their response here in the comments.

tulysses's picture

Nelson Pass:
My attorney advises me to make a public announcement somewhere,
and this looks like a perfectly good place.

Apparently there is a website called flacit offering music downloads
and they have attached my name to it.

I am going on record that I am not associated with any such activity.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
I've deleted the links to Flac It! and added a note to the post.
Michael Lavorgna's picture
...this news deserves its own post.
dbtom2's picture

The lengthy wishlist I built on FlacIt while browsing - but not buying - will have to be built elsewhere.

All those sweet ECM titles too. :(

Greyfossil's picture

I enjoyed the Jorane. Not going to set the world on fire but interesting.