Lovely Recordings Hosted by Joe Whip (Part 5)

I have been thinking of authoring another installment of Lovely Recordings but have not yet had the time to sit down and do so. However, there is one recent release which is so good in terms of the music, musicianship and sound quality that it deserves a mention on its own...

...namely the Yuko Mabuchi Trio recording from Yarlung Records. In the liner notes, Ms. Mabuchi notes that she is a fan of two of my favorite jazz pianists, Oscar Peterson and Monty Alexander, and it shows both in terms of her playing and how she presents the material. Only Monty could pull off making "Feelings" into compelling piece or turn "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" into a stomping jazz swing piece. Ms. Mabuchi does the same thing with my favorite piece here, a fantastic re-imagining of Sara Bareilles' "Seriously" into a reggae flavored soulful affair.

The sound here is superb, recorded live in a small theatre using DSD256. The detail, sense of space and most importantly, dynamics, are thrilling. It is rare in the audiophile world to get such a perfect pairing of compelling music and sound quality. This recording is available on many of the usual download sites and in many flavors of DSD and PCM. I downloaded the album from NativeDSD at DSD 128 resolution. Highly recommended.

Available from NativeDSD

Listen here:

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Lovely Recordings Hosted by Joe Whip

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I certainly hear strong similarities in Mabuchi's technique and those of the great Oscar Peterson. A difference is that I don't often listen to Peterson and think, "Aha, classical!," but with this recording, I do.

This recording gets a lot right, especially the slightly more distant miking that allows the room ambiance to shine through while in no way limiting dynamics. The piano is captured beautifully. It's not just music, it's music in a space. Lovely! Thank you for recommending.