Lovely Recordings Hosted by Joe Whip (Part 4)

[This is Joe's 4th Lovely Recordings! A big Thank You, Joe, Ed.]

Mozart: Mozart by Candlelight (Chasing The Dragon)
One of the great opportunities that traveling affords you is the ability to hear great music in fantastic venues. For my wife and I, one must attend event when visiting London is an evening of classical music at St. Martin's In The Fields Church at Trafalgar Square. I have often left wishing I had a recording of that night's concert. Well, sometimes, your wishes are granted, so when we arrived for an evening of Mozart by Candlelight in late March, Lo and behold right above our seats in the front pew was a binaural head and a set of stereo mikes. Mike Valentine of Chasing The Dragon Records captured the sound of that evening beautifully, from the tone of the strings to the church's decay and yes, the coughing and vehicle traffic outside. Every time I play the recording, I am transported right back to the church. You can even see the back of my head and shoulders on the cover. A first.

Available from Chasing The Dragon

Melody Gardot: Live From Soho (Universal Classics & Jazz, 2009)
This EP is quite the gem, recorded live in NYC at an Apple Store. If features some great spared down performances of some great tunes, before Philly's own Melody Gardot got all theatrical on us. For me, this is Ms. Gardot at her finest.

Available from Qobuz

Cootie Williams: Cootie Williams in Stereo (RCA, 1958)
You have to love a company that stands by their product. I downloaded this title from a couple of years ago, knowing fully well that not all of the tracks were included. That was OK as the music and sound were so good that I didn't miss the other tracks. The recording features Cootie Williams from the Duke Ellington Orchestra on trumpet leading his own band. Somewhere, the extra reel with the missing tracks were found and an email was sent to all who purchased the download with a link to the full download for free. Gotta love that! Fantastic.

Available from

Golden Striker: Live at Theaterstübchen Kassel (IN+OUT Records, 2017)
This live recording of straight ahead jazz features the great Ron Carter on bass, Donald Vega on piano and Russell Malone on guitar. The three of them are smack dab right in front of you with the bass dead center, the piano panned to the left and guitar to the right. Excellent playing and a ton of fun.

Available from

Carmen Gomes: Carmen Gomes Sings the Blues (Sound Liaison, 2016)
Another gem from Sound Liaison, this recording is Carmen Gomes' take on Harry Belafonte's Belafonte Sings the Blues. Recorded in DXD, this recording is available in any high Rez flavor you prefer. The sound is killer.

Available from Sound Liaison

John Whip: Kiss Me This Way ()
Yes, this is my son's debut recording. He wrote the songs and plays the keyboards. It features some blue-eyed soul, 50's, pop, funk and even some jazz. Stream it, I hope you like it!

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Maudi's picture

The Carmen Gomes recording is very very impressive.
The first song is also available on the DXD vs DSD vs PCM and Flac comparison ''test your DAC'' sampler, available on the Sound Liaison site