Lovely Recordings Hosted by Jerry Cmehil

For Lovely Recording I selected music that speaks to me on many levels—and yes they all sound great!!!

Bill Frisell: East/West (Nonesuch Records Inc., 2005)
Some incredible playing here and fantastic 3D sound. The opener, "I Heard it Through The Grapevine", is truly captivating.

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Jim Rotondi: Dark Blue (Sony Music Canada Inc., 2016)
Newly established Smoke Sessions Records have an absolutely cracking roster of jazz musicians. The studio recordings are truly superb and Dark Blue is a fabulous album!

And yes if you visit or live in New York a visit to Smoke Jazz Club is absolute must!!!

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Donald Fagen: The Nightfly (Warner Bros., 1982)
I've listened to this record thousands of times and it never gets old—it's just as fresh as I remember it 30+ years ago. Just love it!!!

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Hank Crawford: More Soul (Atlantic, 1961)
This 1960 recording is really cooking. The performance is outstanding and the recording is as good as it gets—the septet just pops into your living room and this from a recording that is nearly 60 years old!

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Carl Anderson: Wolftown (Pine Radio, 2012)
This represents true Americana music of 21st Century—superbly crafted album with great performances. Beautiful!

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Henri Texier: A Cordes et à Cris (Disques JMS, 1979)
Unknown to me until recently, this French bassist produced some of most outstanding music over past 40 years. This album is absolute delight.

I'm not sure where Tidal sourced this album, but the streaming beats CD playback from a CD purchased on Amazon.

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Musica Antiqua Köln: Pachelbel, Handel, Vivaldi, Bach (Archiv Produktion, 2009)
A very relaxing baroque music superbly performed by Musica Antiqua Köln on historical instruments.

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Kay Starr: Movin' (Capitol Records, 1959)
Kay Starr backed by Van Alexander Big Band, this album cooks full throttle evoking a long lost era with tactile immediacy.

This seems to be Capitol remastered reissue that is sadly out of print. Play this on big horn Volti speakers backed by Border Patrol Amplification and you have Kay Starr and a Big Band in your home on a spot!

Available from Tidal

Mario Biondi, The High Five Quintet: Handful Of Soul (Schema , 2006)
Italian Label Schema Records has absolutely cracking roster of artists and Mario Biondi is one of them. A big soulful voice backed by uptempo jazz quintet—sheer pleasure to listen to.

Available from Tidal

Papik: Papik Presents Cocktail Mina (Irma Records, 2015)
Yes this is my favorite album when cooking an Italian dinner...:)

Relaxing, great sounding music that goes well with a glass of Brunello or Pignoletto...

From cabinet maker to antique restorer, to architect and to interior and product designer—several jobs yet one constant: A true passion for music and music reproduction.

My father worked in Czech Radio and I had access to many recordings, mostly on Open Reel Tape which sound quality was truly amazing. I started seriously listening as a teenager abd having access and exposure to many genres my musical taste evolved in many directions.

So atypically for a teenager, I would listen to anything from Bach to Led Zeppelin from Bert Kaempfert to Glen Campbell to Willie Nelson to Jimmy Smith...This wide gamut in music stayed with me all my life and I don't have a preferred genre of music as I listen to pretty much everything.

I love Lovely Recordings and the mind share behind them—it lets me discover so much amazing music.

My preferred listening is in a front of my Mac with Schiit Multibit Gungnir, Ideon USB Purifier, small Virtue Audio Integrated Amp, two way speakers and a powered sub.

Software of choice is Audirvana+ that sounds better to my ears than anything else I have tried in past 20 years of computer audio. It makes music more transparent and dynamic and less digital sounding.

This set up lets me enjoy my favorite music immensely and lets me discover new music through TIDAL, Spotify and You Tube.


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2_channel_ears's picture

A friend turned me on to this album and it's been a favorite ever since.

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Thanks for these suggestions, can't wait to play these over the next few days.


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Just catching up on prior posts ... this is a wonderful set, thank you Jerry! Other than the Bill Frisell and Donald Fagen, they are all new to me. I'm really enjoying listening and have a number of new Tidal favorites here. Thanks again!