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I love music. Good music is good music regardless of genre. The following is what comes to my mind when thinking of lovely recordings. All are on Tidal. The following are good music whether on HiFi or AM radio. I think these are unique from things previously listed. If not, I missed something and apologize.

This is how you get from Otis to Floyd to Willie.

Otis Redding: The Dock of the Bay (Volt/Atco, 1968)
The song is "I Love You More Than I Can Say". A man singing his hear out. In hi-fidelity. Obviously lovely. I tend towards small arrangements, where single instruments sound larger in the mix. There is something special about recording techniques of the 60's.

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Aretha Franklin: The Queen Of Soul (Rhino Atlantic, 2014)
The song is "Bridge Over Troubled Water" remake. Spooky good imaging. Remarkable vocal production. I think some of the debate of vinyl vs CD misses the change in production values that also occurred and greatly effected what people hear. It's obvious that older recordings have very different and quite artful mixing techniques from modern recordings. Oh yeah, the original get out of your chair songs, "Think" and "Respect", are here as well. Long live the Queen.

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Frank Morgan: Jazz Round Midnight (Polygram Records, 1997)
The song is "Listen to the Dawn". OK I admit it. I learned of this from reading Harry Bosch crime novels. But I'm hooked. Lovely sax. PS I read them all, so I'm not a poser. I've earned my right to listen to the sax.......

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Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin III (Remastered Edition) (Atlantic, 1970)
The song is "Key to the Highway Rough Mix". It is rough and magical. It is the closest you'll ever come to having Plant and Page sit down in your living room with a small amp and harmonica and play you a song. Page on the left, Plant on the right. On your sofa. The rest is great too in a very raw, unproduced way!

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Adele: 21 (XL/Columbia, 2011)
The song is "Set Fire to the Rain" and it'll set fire to your speakers.

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Gordon Lightfoot: Rhino Hi Five (Rhino Entertainment, 2005)
The song is "If You Could Read My Mind". Old school. How does an acoustic guitar, a voice and keyboard sound so huge.

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Pink Floyd: The Divsion Bell (EMI/Columbia, 1994)
The song is "Coming Back To Life". Electric guitar gold. Makes speakers disappear. If you can look at your speakers and not tell that sound is pouring forth from them, you set them up right.

Available from HDtracks

Yo-Yo Ma: Bach: Cello Suites 1, 5 & 6 (Sony Classical, 2002)
The whole thing. Unaccompanied. Wood, horse hair on nylon, cello nirvana.

Available from Presto Classical

Janis Joplin: Box of Pearls (Sony, 1999)
The songs are the live versions of "Maybe" and "A Woman Left Lonely". How can a little woman summon so much power? Simply moving. "A Woman Left Lonely" has to be one of the best build up and releases of any recording ever.

Available from Tidal

Eric Clapton: From the Cradle (Duck/Warner Bros., 1994)
The song is "Sinners Prayer." OK, really the whole album. Heavy Blues. Wow.

Stream it on Tidal. Available from Amazon (CD)

Noteworthy Singles

Candy Dulfer: Saxuality (Ariola, 1990)
The song is "Lily Was Here". Amazing music. One of the best 'Recordings' I know. People always ask where is the subwoofer. I do not have one.

Available from Tidal

Scorpions: Crazy World (Vertigo/Mercury, 1990)
The song is "Kind of Change". The recording is pristine and moves everyone. The song is also a moment in time, for when the Berlin Wall came down. To me, this is my 'Where were you when Kennedy was shot' moment. Rock music made lovely.

Available from Tidal

Willie Nelson: Heroes (Legacy, 2012)
The song is "Just Breathe". A duet with his son. Just listen.

Available from Tidal

As a nod to the editor and host....

Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks (Columbia, 1975)
The song is "If You See Her, Say Hello". To my mind, the simple arrangement and the delicate voice defines lovely recording.

Available from HDtracks

I'm listening to these selections on a 50 watt Rotel RB 1050, and Rotel RC980 Straight Line with Gain PreAmp from 92 through a Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 being served via Tidal using a USB 2 Asynch DAC over high speed cable. Speakers are modest Aperion Intimus 5B Two Way monitors. This system surprises alot of people with it's level imaging, detail and energy. People come and listen for long periods of time. Cannot ask for more.

A bit about myself. Have been an audiophile since being a teenager in the 80's. Have tracked all the developments from the problems of tape hiss, wow/flutter, warped records and needle cleaner. And if you think CD vs Vinyl is heated, you missed the Open Reel vs Turntable war. My favorite aspect of listening is stereo imaging, and hearing things occur in different spaces and direction.

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limniscate's picture

I don't agree with the Adele 21 pick. The album is terribly mastered and sounds tinny.

LetItFlow's picture

Never said it was a great master, only that it has great intensity. Which it does.