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As a teenager in the late 60s and early 70s, I listened to mostly rock but was also exposed to my father's jazz collection. Later my musical tastes broadened to include blues, world and classical. I have recently ripped my extensive CD collection to NAS storage and donated my long unused vinyl to our local jazz radio station for a fundraiser. This year my brother gave me a Tidal subscription as a gift and I am thoroughly enjoying using it to sample many of the recommendations I see in Lovely Recordings. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations!

Simon Kendall: Voyages from the Left Coast (CD Baby, 2016)
Vancouver native Simon Kendall plays beautiful, soothing solo piano on various pianos that he admires in the Vancouver area.

Available from Tidal

Susie Arioli: Night Lights (Spectra Musique, 2008)
Susie Arioli, from Montreal, sings very pleasing jazz and swing standards while standing centre stage playing snare drum with brushes. Her terrific guitarist, Jordan Officer, shines on the instrumental cut "Basswalk".

Available from Tidal

Ahmad Jamal: At the Pershing – But Not For Me (Argo, 1958)
I was turned on to this recording by a top 50 list when I first became interested in jazz. Jamal's minimalist style and use of space between notes is unique. Drummer Vernel Fournier's beat in the cut "Poinciana" is known by drummers as the Poinciana beat.

Available from Tidal

Gene Harris: The Gene Harris Trio Plus One (Universal Music LLC, 2007)
When I first heard Harris on our local jazz radio station I thought I was listening to Oscar Peterson. He can play powerfully but also delicately on ballads. This album includes Stanley Turrentine (the plus one) playing some killer sax. Harris has many recordings which are all highly enjoyable.

Available from Tidal

Burton Cummings: Massey Hall (Imports, 2012)
Cummings is a fine singer and keyboardist. On this album he plays many of the hits from his former Guess Who days in a concert at venerable old Massey Hall here in Toronto.

Available from Tidal

John Campbelljohn: Nerves of Steel (INDEPENDENT, 2006)
Another Canadian artist, from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Campbelljohn is a blues singer/songwriter and a master guitarist (electric slide, resonator and pedal steel). His tunes all tell stories that relate to life and times in the Maritimes. Some of his tunes incorporate influences of traditional Cape Breton Celtic music.

Available from Tidal

Enrico Crivellaro: Mojo Zone (Electro-Fi Records, 2009)
A bit of a rarity; a blues guitarist from Italy. Crivellaro has studied the great blues guitarists and the tunes on this recording display their various styles. I first heard of Crivellaro from a local blues musician at my brother's blues house party. Later, by chance, when vacationing in Rome, my wife and I happened upon Crivellaro playing at a free blues concert series beside the Tiber River and had the chance to meet him.

Available from Tidal

Jimmy Thackery: Trouble Man (Blind Pig, 1994)
A high energy recording from a great electric blues guitarist with a long career. It amazes me that only 3 musicians can make music that sounds so full. I particularly enjoy the cut Mercury Blues.

Available from Tidal

Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters: The Colour of Love (Verve, 1997)
Another great blues guitarist with a long career and many good recordings. It was difficult to decide which one to recommend.

Available from Tidal

I am a semi-retired nuclear engineer living in the Toronto area. My wife and I enjoy music, good wine, travelling and spending time at our cottage in northern Ontario.

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bobflood's picture

Thanks, Having a great time checking them out. Not bad for a proton head. I wish I had the smarts for that but I am just a retired propeller head. BTW, I really enjoyed the time I spent in Toronto, a great city that reminded me of Chicago where I spent most of my working life.

Thanks Again

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Some interesting jazz and blues I have a couple queued up now. And also love Toronto only went once back in 2001 but great city and amazing dining scene!

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Just catching up on prior posts ... this is a fantastic set, thank you so much! Mojo Zone and The Colour of Love are new to me. I'm really enjoying listening and already have a number of new Tidal favorites here. Really the best set for me as for paperwriter expert. My soul is resting. Thanks again!