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Well thank you for helping me from a digital nothing to finding so much in the streaming word through Tidal. I'm setting up my first hard drive sourced digital music system thanks primarily to your site and help from others. I've been listening to music primarily on vinyl for most of my 50 years so I thought I would share some of the music that moves me with your readers.

As I grew up I the late 60's and 70s my parents always had good music on in the house. They were not classical music people, rather more of the Chicago, James Taylor type. Of course being a teenager in the 70s I listen to what is now considered Classic Rock. My musical tastes have since grown and I'm starting to explore classical thanks to websites like this one and your sister sites. On to the music, some new, some old!

I've dabbled in playing bass guitar for years and have always looked for great bass players. One of my evenings searching the net I came across Tal Wilkenfeld, a young and upcoming bassist. She has a wonderful debut album, Transformation, which she recorded when only 20 years old. Transformation was released May 15, 2007 and I found it on Amazon on CD.

Transformation led me to fall totally in love with Jeff Beck's music all over again particularly his Live at Ronnie Scott's album with Tal Wilkenfeld on bass, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums (wow) and Jason Rebello on keyboards. This is such a wonderful album I actually got it on Blue ray as well. This is not your typical Jeff Beck—it's so warm and inviting—played in a small venue. The tracks are very intimate with a jazzy blues feel, not rock, and the track "Nadia" just oozes warmth.

Available from 7digital

Running with the bass guitar theme, I've always admired Jaco Pastorius. While his solo albums are wonderful, I find that his playing on Joni Mitchell's Shadows and Light live album is one of my favorites. It has great energy and drive. Players include Jaco on bass, Pat Metheny on guitar, Michael Brecker on sax, Don Alias on drums, and Lyle Mays on keyboard, among others, making this a gathering of excellence.

Available from 7digital

I've always loved Mark Knopfler in Dire Straits but I have to say his resent recordings (the last three in particular) are fantastic in sound quality and enjoyment. They are rather folksy but his voice just draws you in and of course his unique guitar playing is wonderful on these albums. From what I understand he recorded them in his new studio, the winner of the Music Producers Guild Award for 'Best Studio'. I like the latest album Tracker and Get lucky as they both have some wonderful tracks. They are also all available on Vinyl with digital DL's included (oh I suppose I have DL music that way before my mistake). I find they take me back to when I was young teenager listening to music with my parents, all warm and welcoming. I really like the direction Mark has taken as he ages musically and well in life.

Available from HighResAudio.

I went through a funk stage years ago, you know the Parliament stuff etc. I came across a CD in a flea market that I picked up on the cheap and it just blew me away—Axiom Funk's Funkcronomicon. While not everything is great on the double CD, most of it plain fun or funky. There is a fantastic version of Jimi Hendrix's "If 6 Was 9" that is turn the lights off and sink into your chair good. Yeah, I've done that a few times.

Available from 7digital

I'll include one more for you. I've been a huge Pink Floyd fan since I was able to buy my first records in the Wolco down the street from my house. I think I was 14ish when I bought my very first records: The Who's Whos Next and Pink Floyds Dark Side.. both great classic rock albums I'm sure I have to say nothing about here. Being an aging PF fan, I've found I also enjoy David Gilmore's solo records from resent years. While his album On an Island is very good, if you were to get just one of his solo works get Live in Gdansk. This has everything worth getting of his solo stuff with a bit of older PF added for good measure. This is a live recording and just so well recorded for a live concert album it will draw you in and you will lose yourself in the music for hours. His playing is wonderful on this record and he has some wonderful musicians joining him, too many to list here. The album is also available on DVD and if you're a fan I highly recommend grabbing it.

Well I hope you all enjoy my musical dreams listed here and I look forward to learning about more music from you all and to broaden my musical horizons. Cheers!

Glen Newdick is a 50-years-young Navy Submariner currently serving in the Canadian Navy in Victoria BC. An audiophile and general music lover, I also play bass guitar (I could be better). I've been collecting music since I was 14 and have about 2500 vinyl records and 400 CDs. Not a huge amount, but it's all stuff I like. May tastes tend toward Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Funky stuff. I listen on an Oracle Delphi/Rega 600/Van Den Hall MC10 cart, Pioneer H-Z1 Head amp, custom MC stage, Audio Note M2B, Wellborn Labs Direct Reactance Drive mono blocks 45's (about 2w's), and Audio Note an-e speakers. Digital is in progress and currently consists of a hard drive to MSB DAC.

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Thanks! Some of these recordings are new to me and really, um, float my boat. What hifi gear does the navy allow you to take on the sub?

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Thank you for serving (silently) and sharing some of your musical "button pushers". Your collection is about the same size as mine; we buy what we can afford, when we have the money to spare and when we share our thoughts, less money goes to waste. I imagine you use a hi res PMP with headphones while on duty, space being at a premium, am I right?

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Recall first seeing her years ago at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago and was blown away by her imagination, energy and groove.

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Perhaps better than great.

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Due to space and power availability limitations on our Diesel Electric Sub's I’m limited to a small tablet and my Grado head phones while at sea. I only have about 8 inch above my head while in my bunk so not much room for anything too high end unfortunately. That and the close proximity of others sleeping makes it hard to truly enjoy as you always have an ear open for emergency pipes (pipes are broadcasts over the PA system) that and when you get the chance to sleep you usually do.