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I enjoy reading about music and discovering new music. Lovely Recordings is a great place to share and discover this passion. I hope to make you discover something new with this list and that you can feel the same thing I did when I discovered these recordings for the very first time!

Ikebe Shakedown: Hard Steppin' (Colemine Records, 2015)
Afro rhythm mixed in with deep funk. Makes me tap my feet each time.

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Telefon Tel Aviv: Farenheit Fair Enough (IDM, 2001)
I first heard of this electronic duo from a remix they did for Nine Inch Nails "even deeper" in 1999. I had never heard anything like it before, those synth tones mixed with blips and beeps it was just so exciting to hear something new and refreshing. I later picked up their first album and was blown away.

Available from Bandcamp

John Hammond: Rough & Tough (Chesky Records , 2009)
A raw stripped down blues album. Produced by David Chesky using one microphone for the recording. It literally feels like he is playing right in front of you. You can hear the little nuances like the chair creaking, It just makes the musical experience that much better.

Available from HDtracks

Hadouk Quartet: Hadoukly Yours (Naïve, 2013)
An enticing recording that just draws me in every time, I love listening to this album from beginning to end—it takes you on a musical journey with gorgeous multi-instrument textures and world influences.

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Drab Majesty: The Demonstration (DAIS RECORDS, 2017)
One of the most exciting discoveries I made this year. This is like taking a time machine back to 1988. For fans of 80s goth rock (Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Clan of Xymox )

Available from Bandcamp

William Galison & Madeleine Peyroux: Got You On My Mind (Waking Up Music, 2004)
A relaxing listen; jazzy, laid back and fun. A reference disc for your system if you ask me.

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Yello: Touch (Polydor Records, 2009)
This Swiss duo are in a league of their own and have been making electronic music since the 80's. I prefer their later period of recordings—they are absolute sonic masterpieces. I particularly enjoy listening to this one on headphones.

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Ottmar Liebert: Bare Wood (Spiral Subwave Records Int'l, 2014)
Beautiful acoustic songs from his back catalogue re-arranged/re-worked by Mr Liebert himself using Audeze LCD-2 headphones as reference.

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Djelimady Tounkara: Sigui (Indigo, 2001)
A fine musician from Mali, great guitarist and a very well recorded album.

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I am a music aficionado and audiophile. I enjoy all formats and have recently discovered the world of streaming with Tidal. It's an endless journey and one I hope to continue and pursue for the rest of my life.

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jrhud's picture

Exactly, this is the whole point, not familiar with this and might not like it, but I will check it out in search of my next music fix (along with the couple other I don't know). Well done and this to me is the spirit of lovely recordings.

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Always look forward to these. I've already been a fan of some of the ones mentioned and think I'm really going to like a couple other ones here as well. Excellent picks!

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Awesome installment of Lovely Recordings. I really enjoyed Drab Majesty and Hadouk Quartet.