Lovely Recordings Hosted by Fabio De Luca (#2)

List #2 is international, avoiding the ‘audiophile’ albums as per your recommendation.

Joël Grare: Paris - Istanbul - Shangai (Alpha, 2008)
Joël Grare is a genius, hard to describe him differently. With this album you make a many thousands miles journey remaining on your sofa. He plays like a juggler with many instruments and many cultures at the same time. This exercise makes us understand his vision of the world. Just interesting enough would be to learn about all the different instruments he and his accompanying musicians play: theorbo, ehru, chinese violin, Madagascan straws, Japanese drums, etc. Collaboration of Guo Gan, Bruno Helstroffer, Emek Evci, Karine Herroud Gonzalez, Ensemble Les Tambours de lune, Claire Lefilliâtre, Veronica Votti makes this travel around the world enchanting. Close your eyes and get captured...

Available from Qobuz

Mark Knopfler: Kill To Get Crimson (Mercury/Warner Bros., 2007)
I love this genuine production coming from one of the most admired living guitarist: Mark Knopfler. I prefer by far his perfromances with Dire Straits, but this album is very seductive. Recently I listened to it driving 3,000 miles on the road crossing Arizona and Utah and it has been a perfect match between landscape and music. And nonetheless it is the less American among Knopfler solo production: polkas, valzers and middle-age melodies, buti t sounds very American to my ears.

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Gerardo Núnez & Perico Sambeat: Pasajes Passages (Resistencia, 2010)
Very difficult to find notes about this Perico Sambeat and Gerardo Nuñez album, Pasajes Passages. If you browse Perico Sambeat Wikipedia page you do not even find this album listed among his works. It is a 2002 production, live recording, very good quality. Two spanish musicians and their multinational (however mostly spanish) band playing beutiful music with extraordinary dynamic.

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Chick Corea & Bela Fleck: Two (Concord Jazz, 2015)
What an unusual duo: Chick Corea and Bela Fleck. Again an unexpected main character: banjo. This expectionally good quality live recording is a wonderful experience for anyone who loves music. ‘A jaw-dropping display of technical mastery’ is Chick Corea’s website definition about this album. And it is definitely true. But there is more than that: love and passion. And an intimate interplay: two prima-donnas solos melted into an incredible concert.

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Ani DiFranco: Up Up Up Up Up Up (Righteous Babe, 1999)
I like very much the prolific american singer and player Ani DiFranco. Her works have been controversial for some of the critic, but I love most of her albums. In particular I chose this one for the very nice cover and title: Up Up Up Up Up Up. I love the quality of the recording and the melody of the songs. Everest is definitely my favourite track.

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Antony and the Johnsons: The Crying Light (Secretly Canadian, 2009)
I close my list of Lovely Recording with The Crying Light from Antony and the Johnsons. This is definitely one of the international albums that touches me more. I love everything about this album, each single track, the Japanese style cover (dancer Kazuo Ohno), the quality of recording. My favourite track is "Kiss My Name". Warning: listen to this album only if you are not particularly depressed…it can be dangerous. Antony Hegarty described this album as an artwork concerning the landscape and the future. To me, it is more about love and intimacy.

Available from Tidal

I am Italian. I was born in Neaples 45 years ago and now I live in Rome. I do not play any instrument even if I tried with very poor results to play guitar. However I love music and I listen basically to every genre (I just avoid at home hard rock, heavy metal and symphonic music that need too high volume for my 90 sq meters apartment...). I am an hi-fi enthusiast since 1999 and after many many changes now I just listen to music streamed from Tidal (biggest invention after the wheel and pizza...) and, sometimes, to LPs (no more CDs, SACDs, DVDs, etc).

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Thanks for sharing this list, amazing discoveries here.. Love it.

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Very enjoyable list here...thanks for sharing.