Lovely Recordings Hosted by Fabio De Luca (#1)

List #1 is filled with typically Italian music but not including the usual suspects (Bocelli & Co). Enjoy.

Musica Nuda: 55/21 (EMI Music Italia, 2008) Possibly many of you know Petra Magoni and his project ‘Musica Nuda’, in collaboration with double bassist Ferruccio Spinetti. Few of you definitely know that Petra was the wife of Stefano Bollani, one of the greatest piano players alive, and that Ferruccio is also currently part of the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel, an historical Italian band created in 1980, and he was part of Nada Trio…but that’s another (beautiful) story…. Musica Nuda albums are always exceptional: for the incredible Petra’s voice and for the amazing interplay between the two artists. Even more exceptional is attending one of their concerts…but few of you can have the chance to do so, especially overseas. Therefore enjoy this album and possibly run to buy all their productions.

Available from Qobuz

Nada Trio (Olis, 1998)
Nada Trio published only one album, one single jazzy gem. Recording is great, music is part of the Italian tradition, Nada (the singer) is blessed. Nada Malanima, her full name sounds like one of the James Bond characters, is a pop singer now 63 years old but she looks like in her 40s. The other two components of the trio are Ferruccio Spinetti (see above) and Fausto Mesolella, both from Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel. This CD today is very very hard to find, vinyl has never been produced…God bless Tidal!

Available from Tidal

Pino Daniele: Musicante (CGD, 1994)
Yesss, Pino Daniele is one of all-time entire-world my favourite artists. Unfortunately he died prematurely in January 2015 leaving a big empty hole in the Italian (and international) musical scene. He collaborated with many of the most renowned international musicians of the kind of Pat Metheny, Eric Clapton, Chick Corea, Robert Randolph, Billy Cobham, Al Di Meola, Joe Bonamassa, etc. And, in fact, in this album you can listen the (also recently deceased) Brasilian Nanà Vasconcelos (collaborations with Jan Garbarek, Don Cherry, Pat Metheny, Gato Barbieri, etc) playing drums, the British Mel Collins (King Crimson, The Alan Parson Project, Dire Straits, etc) playing alto sax, the American Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Chuck Mangione Quartet, Santana band, etc) playing bass. Music on this album is typical of the Pino Daniele style: he was born in Naples, in southern Italy, but his musical roots are deeper in blues and in world music. Please listen to it…and it is not even the most renowned and known of his albums…

Available from Qobuz

Mina: Canarino Mannaro (PDU, 1998)
Mina is Mina…to the ones who know Bocelli and Laura Pausini but do not know Mina…blame on you. One of the best Italian singers (and possibly of the entire world) who decided in 1978 to completely disappear from the music and television scene. She sold over 150 million discs and collaborated with the best songwriters we had in our country. In this double CD/vinyl you can find her covers of some of the most beautiful Italian songs (not the ones you could listen to in an Italian restaurant in Illinois, by the way…). Recording is very good and the musicians playing for/with Mina are amazing: Danilo Rea, Riccardo Fioravanti, Massimo Morriconi, etc.

Available from Qobuz Volume 1 and Volume 2

Franco Battiato & Antony: Del Suo Veloce Volo (Universal Italy, 2013)
Franco Battiato has 70 years as music experimenter in his resumè. He played and composed any kind of music and he did it 40 years before Italian artists started to travel new artistic pathways. In this album he plays in one of the most beautiful theaters in Italy (and possibly in the world): Verona Arena. And he plays with Antony and the Johnsons (yes, you know them). Together with Antony Hegarty, he is capable of transporting us in hypnotic new worlds. Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini with their strings are the ‘cherry on the cake’.

Available from Amazon (CD)

Carlo Aonzo Trio: A Mandolin Journey (Accademia Internazionale Di Mandolino, 2016)
Oh, the mandolin! What a wonderful instrument. Few people know well this instrument and few people know how many great recordings exist in which this instrument plays a major role. My grandfather played the mandolin and possibly this is the reason for which I love it. This album from Carlo Aonzo and his trio is a monument to the mandolin. I did not know this trio before getting in contact with this great recording thanks to ‘god’ Tidal. This is another journey from Mediterranean coasts to Americas in which the leading role is performed by this humble instrument. Two great Italian musicians accompany Carlo Aonzo through brazilian music, bluegrass, Neapolitan songs etc.

Available from Tidal

Chat Noir: Decoupage (Universal Music Italia Srl, 2006)
And finally, jazz…my favourite genre. Italian jazz is among the most interesting streams for this music and definitely most of you know Stefano Bollani and Enrico Rava. Definitely none of you knows Chat Noir, an Italian trio that combines electro, jazz and chamber music. They could sound norwegians or swedishes, but they are exquisitely romans. They started 10 year ago with this debut album, for me their masterpiece. Great recording and wonderful enchanting tracks. I cannot wait for movies accompanied by this music.

Available from Qobuz

I am Italian. I was born in Neaples 45 years ago and now I live in Rome. I do not play any instrument even if I tried with very poor results to play guitar. However I love music and I listen basically to every genre (I just avoid at home hard rock, heavy metal and symphonic music that need too high volume for my 90 sq meters apartment...). I am an hi-fi enthusiast since 1999 and after many many changes now I just listen to music streamed from Tidal (biggest invention after the wheel and pizza...) and, sometimes, to LPs (no more CDs, SACDs, DVDs, etc).

Share your Lovely Recordings with us!

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Fabio - what a really interesting set of Lovely Recordings. Our tastes seem to be similar, if that wasn't enough then your typical Italian enthusiasm has definitely won me over; I'll be searching out the albums (fingers crossed they're on Tidal)

Michael - keep them coming please, this is a really good feature of Audiostream


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Quick update - the Musica Nuda album isn't on Tidal but two other ones of theirs are. Other than that you can find all the albums on Tidal. That's me busy tonight then!

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Phil thanks a lot

Sorry you did not find Musica Nuda 55/21 album in Tidal (I can find it over here in Italy, possibly a Tidal geographic restriction issue...).

In case you find on Amazon their first cd (Musica Nuda) please buy it

Also, if you like my tastes, also find and buy 'Full of Life' (Rava, Girotto, etc) unfortunately not on Tidal....but a must have


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What an impressive selection of records! I truly enjoyed each and everyone. Come back with more if you have the time.

All the best


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Thank you so much for these musical recommendations! It's the first cool day here in Texas after the summer, so my window is open a little bit which always makes my stereo sound better--the bass, especially. Nada Trio is just wonderful, and so is the recording. I will treasure it.

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Premiata Forneria Marconi and Paolo Conte.

Andrea Bocelli? Who's he?