Lovely Recordings Hosted by Andrew Short (Part 3)

This time around I have assembled a list of audiophile quality jazz from around the world.

Anthony Ortega: New Dance (Revelation Records, 1967)
It always amazes me that you can find masterpieces that you've never heard of even after being a serious music listener for 40+ years. This album was recorded in LA in two sessions in 1966 and 1967. Two of the tracks are saxophone and bass and are of the slow burn variety that are real mindblowers.

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Lee Konitz and Matial Solal: The Portland Sessions (International Phonograph, Inc., 1979)
A fantastic meeting of the minds that creates a beautiful jazz chamber music fusion.

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Laurindo Almeida Quartet Featuring Bud Shank (Pacific Jazz Records, 1955)
Richard Bock produced some very well recorded albums in the 1950s and 1960s for the Pacific Jazz label this title dates from 1955 and still sounds fresh.

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Korean Breath: SE:UM (Beyond HD Audio, 2016)
A well recorded and well played fusion of Korean traditional instruments and jazz.

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Tony Allen: A Tribute to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (Decca Records France, 2017)
Afrobeat drum legend takes on four of Art Blakey's signature tunes and gives them a new spin that are as equally energetic as the originals.

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Ahmad Jamal: Marseille (JAZZ VILLAGE, 2017)
Jamal is 87 years old and is still laying down his understated funky piano grooves.This album is as good as any I've heard by him.

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Roscoe Mitchell: Bells for the South Side (ECM, 2017)
Over two hours of music recorded live in a Chicago. He plays in our different trios which really showcases a lot of diverse sounds.

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Misha Mengleberg: Four in One (Songlines Recordings, 2001)
Dutch piano legend plays three Monk tunes and and eight originals. Han Bennink, another Dutch legend is along for the ride too.

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Glauco Venier: Miniatures: Music For Piano And Percussion (ECM, 2016)
A beautiful mix of piano and gongs and chimes.

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Anton's picture

That was a killer list!

Now I have sadness.

I zipped over to buy the Anthony Ortega and it was download only.

So, a question for the smart digital guys here - there is a "DVD Audio" on Amazon. If I have an SACD player that can play DVD, but I have no TV to do set up, can I still play the DVD?

I am sorry for such a remedial question.

bmoura's picture

It depends on which SACD player you have. Some SACD players, like the ones from Oppo, also play DVD Audio discs.

The other thing to note is that some recent SACD players, like the Oppo (103, 105, 203, 205) also play DSD 64 downloads in Stereo and Surround Sound - like the Anthony Ortega one - that is available in DSD Download format from NativeDSD Music and High Definition Tape Tracks. So that may be another option for you.

I agree with the article - several of the IPI releases in DSD 256 - including Anthony Ortega, Bobby Brown Trio, Jeremy Kahn, Brienn Perry and Dee Alexander are very good. Not on SACD, but worth checking out at NativeDSD Music and HDTT if you have DSD file playback.

Anton's picture

I love what Oppo is all about.

2_channel_ears's picture

Wow, I love this column.

MatthewF's picture

This is an astounding list, and I am eager to dive into these recordings. I love this series.