Lovely Recordings Hosted by Alex

I enjoy all style of music and here are some of my favorite ones from various styles; rap, pop, death metal, and jazzy new stuff. Enjoy!

Judas PriestPainkiller: (Columbia, 1990)
First track I heard of them was "Painkiller", back in the French countryside with friends late at night. Every time I hear them it brings me back those memories.

The quality is really good.

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Yussef Kamaal: Black Focus (Brownswood Recordings, 2016)
An excellent drummer I discovered live in Paris. A mix of excellent modern jazz with an electronic touch.

Available from Bandcamp

LOUISV: Trouble In Paradise (Louisv/EmuBands, 2015)
She has a beautiful warm voice. The album has been mastered by my one and only favorite mastering engineer called Darcy Proper. This album is a really good piece of work & art. It's a story, like an audio movie :)

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Choeur Arménien de Sofia Armenia Sacra: Liturgical Armenian Chants (Jade/Milan Records, 2008)
My dad used to take me to the Armenian Church of Paris in his Ferrari when I was a kid (back in 1996) where we'd listen to the most ancient music together. Gregorian singing, from the ancient country of Armenia, 1st Christian country which holds the oldest churches of this world.

The singing always made me dream. 3/4 of this civilization got wiped out during the 1915 genocide, hence this dreamy atmosphere in their music.

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Banks & Steelz: Anything But Words (Warner Bros., 2016)
A recent album. I love The RZA work. It's very diverse and carries a multitude of music styles, mainly a blend of pop, rock & rap.

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Carcass: Wake Up And Smell The... (Earache, 1996)
The best 20th century metal ever. Some medical students who met at University and formed a group. I used to listen to this during early winter mornings on my way to school.

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Jordan Rakei: Cloak (Soul Has No Tempo, 2016)
Eclectic mix of Jazz/Electo/Pop.

Available from Bandcamp

Santana: Legacy Edition (Columbia/Legacy/ 2014)
Pure 70's madness here, music virtuous like no other era. "Evil Ways" is my favorite track.

Available from HDtracks

Recondite: Corvus (Ghostly International, 2016)
Trippy techno to its fullest.

Available from Boomkat

I'm Alex, 26 years old, French audio engineer who is passionate about innovation in the field of Audio. Having a powerful creative side, I'm going about creating new technologies.

Got introduced to the ''audiophile world'' about a year ago, love it! went crazy and purchased myself a lovely pair of Audeze LCD3. Followed by a Bakoon amp.

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Really enjoying the Youssef Kamaal. Recondite next!