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I listen to a lot of different genres of music. Jazz, jazz fusion, blues, rock, American, folk, and bluegrass fill up my music collection. Some of my favorite music, however, is music that doesn’t fit any category. Three of my favorite albums are older albums by genre busting musicians that play with other genre busting musicians.

The music on all three of the albums listed below are a fusion of jazz, composed music (like chamber music but different), bluegrass, and I don’t what else to call it. What I like about this music is that it different and it is acoustic. I listen to rock and jazz fusion, but the music that I like for serious listening is almost always acoustic. They are Lovely Recordings to me. When I evaluate new music gear, I use these albums.

Béla Fleck: Tales From the Acoustic Planet (Warner Bros., 1995)
I have pretty much everything the Béla Fleck has recorded, and this is my favorite. These are great compositions with great musicians.

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Chris Thile: Not All Who Wander are Lost (Sugar Hill, 2001)
This album is an explosion of virtuosity and composition. Chris Thile released this album when he was twenty years old and it is amazing that he could put out such outstanding, sophisticated music at such a young age. Béla Fleck and some of the musicians that played on Tales from Acoustic Planet play on this album.

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Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg & Edgar Meyer: Skip Hop and Wobble (Sugar Hill, 1993)
This album is the same vein as other two albums, but it has some fun, upbeat songs on it. Edgar Myer, who plays on both of the other two albums on this list, adds a lot to this album. I just like to listen to it.

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These are all obscure albums that should not be obscure. Listen to them and see what you think.

I was fortunate to grow up with a "cool" father that was a jazz fan in Kansas City in the forties, fifties, and sixties He and his buddy were often the only white guys in the jazz clubs. I grew up with the music of Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and John Coltrane playing in the background. My dad's appreciation for music rubbed off. In college I started listening to jazz in addition to the blues and rock and roll. Back then I understood the connections between the music of John Coltrane and the Allman Brothers. I appreciate those type of connections even more as an adult. It is all about breaking boundaries.

Now I listen to many genres of music. My other passion is fly fishing.

Share your Lovely Recordings with us!

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Alan--Thank you for these recommendations. I, too, am a big fan of Chris Thile and many of those who collaborate with him. Thile and Edgar Meyer often collaborate, so I was delighted to learn about Skip, Hop, and Wobble from this post. I usually find instrumental music conducive to work, but not SH&W. It's just too good, too engrossing, and sometimes too achingly beautiful to concentrate on anything else. Thank you!

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Thanks for the excellent recommendations. Chris Thile and some friends had a great concert last Friday. He was joined by Fleck, Meyer, Punch Brothers and I'm With Her. Hopefully, it was recorded and will be released for inclusion on your next list.

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What about "The Telluride Sessions" by Strength in Numbers?

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What about "The Telluride Sessions" by Strength in Numbers?

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The Telluride Sessions is one of my favorites and I could have easily put that on the list.

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If you haven't already heard it you should check out "Appalachian Picking Society". Lots of great players including Fleck, Thile and Bryan Sutton.

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Alan Sherman, great music selections. Heard Jerry Douglas play with Alison Krauss. Small, 4000 person site sounded excellent! He can play!
Thanks for sharing.