Lovely Recordings: Hosted by Beau Ranheim

The recordings I am listing have engaged me and gotten me out of repetitive listening that I tend to find myself getting into from time to time. They don’t come from a particular genre, and at least as far I can determine, there is no pattern. At the time I first heard each of these records I was most likely focusing on classical or jazz to the exclusion of much else except for the blues, which tends to be a constant for me. These albums either brought me out of that comfort zone or made me want to explore a new genre. Some of this music was genuinely new to me while others were something I found at a store or saw an article about that caused me to seek them out. I find myself coming back to these and a few others when I am in need of breaking out.

Ben Fold Five: The Sound of the Life of the Mind (ImaVeePee Records, 2005)

Available from Qobuz

Brooklyn Rider: Dominant Curve (In a Circle Records, 2010)

Available from PonoMusic

Ennio Morricone: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (EMI America, 1966)

Available from PonoMusic

Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes (Bella Union | Sub Pop, 2008)

Available from Bandcamp

James Blake: James Blake (ATLAS, 2011)

Available from Technics TRACKS

Katie Melua: Call Off the Search (Dramatico, 2003)

Available from Qobuz

London Grammar: If You Wait (Metal & Dust | Ministry of Sound), 2013

Available from Qobuz

Paul Simon: Graceland (Warner Bros., 1986)

Available from HDtracks

Patrick Higgins: Bachanalia ()

Available from Telegraph Harp Records

I do not play an instrument or have much in the way of vocal ability on my own. As an "appreciator" of the art of music and song I tend not to dismiss much out of hand and have a wide eclectic library as a result. I grew up in a small town listening to my dad’s collection of mostly classical, but some jazz, country and even some Pink Floyd and 10cc. Music at bedtime consisted of a shortwave radio trying to get some nearby low power Blues stations from Mississippi or even a rock station from Chicago.

Much of the time music for me was something to have in the background while doing something else. Growing up in the 70’s in the South it was hard to escape much of the stereotypical Eagles, Lynyrd Skynrd etc. and I do remember enjoying it at the time. I also managed occasional trips to New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta to round out my musical upbringing.

I will say that the most eye opening experience of my life was a couple of months after coming up to NY for the first time, my friend, with whom I was staying, took me to a concert in Brooklyn. The group and their music was unknown to me. They had the house rocking when we got there, playing what I found out later was "Blitzkrieg Bop". This was an alien universe to me and I definitely wasn’t dressed like most of the people there. By the end I was jumping up and down with everyone else and enjoying the heck out of the Ramones.

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Fetuso's picture

Cool story about the Ramones. Do you remember the name of the venue?

Also, every time I turn around someone is talking about Bachanalia. I've been wanting to get the lp, but I can't find it in stock anywhere.

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Sorry for the long dely but I didn't see the notice you commented. The place was called L'Amour or similar IIRC. Was definitely an eye opener as I hadn't seen that much crazyness. Concerts in Austin, where i went to school were generally a bit calmer!

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I remember L'Amour. I saw one show there years ago and I can't remember who it was. Probably some 80s metal band