Logic3 Scuderia R200 Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win a Logic3 Scuderia R200 Headphone (MSRP $259.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Distinctive design inspired by the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and the aerodynamic air vents and traditional grille incorporated in the GT Cars. Closed-back design which seals the ear pads to prevent loss of music dynamics. Robust machined crafted metal arms and diamond shaped grille finish to ensure durability and quality. Ultra-Soft ear pads constructed from enhanced breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort. Ergonomic 2-way folding design for compact storage and includes a Scuderia Ferrari carry case trimmed in carbon fibre texture for additional protection. Anti-tangle and detachable in-line remote cables trimmed in woven fabric.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

idigmingus's picture

Finally, something to replace my Koss Pro 4-AAs

failynn's picture

hi fi

mke a grt dy

firedog55's picture

That's what I'd do with these.

hlesser's picture

Nice work on the latest revision of Greatest Bits.

Boy Howdy's picture

I don't usually listen through headphones because I am a musician and I have to amplify my instrument as well as my voice in order to be able to sing effectively.  Maybe with these headphones I would be motivated to give it a try...


rwilson75's picture

To give these a listen!

hotsoup's picture

no thanks cheeky

jjljr's picture

I've always had a soft spot for the Testarossa, but this would come close ...

npoguy's picture

Yes, I gotta have them!

noirx7's picture


beaur's picture

Nice phones but hopefully they auto mute the sound of an F1 engine into the 'phones :) 

nonoise's picture

I guess I can use them to listen to F1 races while I watch them. I'm still going to root for Mercedes.

DSG's picture

To win these interesting headphones.

dparker's picture

High powered audio mobile.

lesliejazz's picture

Can't wait to win

Casey2007's picture

Does a matching Ferrari come with the headphones? smiley

vasu's picture



cclragnarok's picture

Failed to win the V-Moda phones.  Maybe I'll get lucky this time.  cool

christopher3393's picture

...for my niece Shannon in L.A., if I win.

axc123's picture

These would be great to listen to my music on the plane may be even during f1 races. Those f1 cars are so loud!

projectc's picture


jferrare's picture

Even in white, I'll take them.

macaronian's picture

So many Ferrari fans, I'm in good company.

mcdontho's picture

Start the motor!

Ddncons's picture

These look like they belong on my ears!

audiom's picture

Looks good!

mikerr's picture

I dream of owning a modern set of phones. I'm still using my Koss Pro IV AAA Headphones from 1980 !!!

Have mercy ~



torturegarden's picture

…I'm going to win one of these contests.

Dick James's picture

I feel lucky!

bklynbound01's picture

I would love to try these!  they look really cool.

paulg's picture

I win!

Jmilton7043's picture

I can uses these cans! heart

funambulistic's picture

They look pretty nice.

Merck's picture

So who thinks Felipe Massa will win a race this year?  Anyone?

riffraffbon74's picture

These would be a nice addition to my meager stable.

Ormy51's picture

I can already hear myself

Supperconductor's picture

I'm in.


 - Kam

whell's picture


lenbell's picture

I look forward to hopefully winning this contest and owning these headphones.

jblackhall's picture

Please please

lostchord83's picture

These are awesome headphones. I would take very good care of them. Thanks.

brrgrr's picture

I'm in

leo-hifi's picture

I need them! I want them! Badly!

2_channel_ears's picture

Real nice.

TL's picture

Headphones have to be comfortable to wear no matter how wonderful they sound.

spyder1's picture

The Scuderia R200 headphone look stunning!

mikes's picture

looks very good

mksmth's picture

Would love to win these headphones!

cdxskier's picture

cars and audio.what's not to love?

cdxskier's picture

cars and audio.what's not to love?

foconnor's picture

Oh I need a replacement for my Grados !!!!

jmcgowan's picture

I would love to win these! I am in need of a replacemnet set for my aging Sennheisers

Shays01's picture

Would seriously love to give these a listen!

mdconnelly's picture

Would love to hear these!

wisnon's picture

Ferrari rules! LoL

birnbaum's picture

I want these!

Nordfinn's picture

... If a little feminine looking...

TubesOrSand's picture

... to my listening nook

... to my office

... to my head!

HT Guy's picture

I need a new pair of headphones and never win anything.  Please draw my entry.

l125255's picture

For the best headphones in the world.  I would like to see if this is the winner.

bukley's picture

C'mon C'mon C'mon Daddy needs a new pair of headphones!

nuz1's picture

Count me in.

CharmCity's picture

Ferrari in white is just wrong. Earl Scheib still sprayin' it somewhere in some realm? "I'll paint any cans for twenty-nine ninety-five" (ha!)

dbtommy's picture

7 speeds, paddle shifter, gobs of HP and RED- what more could you ask for!!!

zorak62000's picture

Please give to me!

gman's picture

I'd love a new pair of cans.

batman44's picture

This would be a great way into the headphones arena.

dmacis333's picture

My friends would be so Jealous!!