The Listening Room

*Editor's Note:

As of June 2018 this is no longer the "reference system" at AudioStream as Michael Lavorgna departed for greener pastures.

This page will remain active however as a reference for associated equipment on many of the reviews Michael performed.

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Welcome to the barn. This is where the seriously fun listening happens.

[edited 03.29.18]

The Review System

Room Dimensions: 17' x 35 x 12’

Computer/Roon Core: Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5
Streamer/Roon Ready: dCS Network Bridge, Sonore microRendu with UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1 power supply
DAC: totaldac d1-six
Analog: Well Tempered Labs Amadeus/Denon 103/Auditorium 23 Step Up/Sugden A21SE Stage Two Phono Amplifier
Integrated Amplifier: Leben CS600
Speakers: DeVore Fidelity gibbon X
Headphones: Audeze EL-8, AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon, AudioQuest NightHawk, Stax SR-5/SRD-6, NAD VISO HP50
Cable: Tellurium Q Black XLR, Tellurium Q Black AES, Tellurium Q Black USB, Tellurium Q Black speaker cable, Auditorium 23 RCA, Shindo RCA (for phono), AudioQuest Cinnamon, Vodka, and Diamond Ethernet cables
Accessories: AudioQuest JitterBug
Racks: Box Furniture Co. 'Fallen A', Box Furniture Co. Heavy Double Width Rack (HD3S Sapele)
Power: Shunyata ΞTRON Σ SIGMA Digital power cable, Shunyata ΞTRON α ALPHA digital and analog power cables, AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Low-Z Power | Noise-Dissipation System, Furman PST-8D
Room Treatment: home made acoustic panels, books and records
External Hard Drive: LaCie Blade Runner 4TB USB 3.0
NAS: Synology DS412+
Router: ASUS RT-AT68U
Optical Isolation: DJM Electronics GigaFOILv4 – INLINE Ethernet filter
Switch: Netgear ProSafe 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The Desktop System

Computer: Apple iMac (2010 OS X 10.10.3, 3.2GHx Intel Core i3 20GB 1333 MHz DDR3)
Speakers: ADAM Professional Audio A3X
DAC: Mytek Brooklyn DAC
Cable: AudioQuest Diamond USB, Kimber Kable Select KS 1126 Balanced ICs
Power: Shunyata VENOM digital power cable

Barn: Connectivity

The details:

  1. Furman Power Station Series PST‑8 Line Conditioner
  2. ASUS RT-AT68U Router
  3. Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5 (running Roon Server)
  4. Synology DS412+ NAS (music library)
  5. LaCie Blade Runner 4 TB External HDD ‑ USB 3.0 (music library backup)
  6. DJM Electronics GigaFOILv4 – INLINE Ethernet filter
  7. AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Low-Z Power | Noise-Dissipation System
  8. dCS Network Bridge (Roon Ready)
  9. totaldac d1-seven
  10. Leben CS600 integrated amplifier
  11. DeVore Fidelity gibbon X (badass speakers)
  12. iPad mini (running Roon Remote)
  13. Eames LCW (where I go)
The red and green lines illustrate separate electrical circuits. All of the network stuff is plugged into the Furman while all of the audio stuff is plugged into the AQ Niagara. This helps keep the noise generated by the network stuff out of the audio stuff.