A Listening Party (online) Today!

Thanks to Stereophile's Ariel Bitran for the heads up on this one. Noisey is hosting their first ever "Listening Party" featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' upcoming Mosquito in its entirety.
Remember the unifying universal experience of listening to an album for the first time the day it hits stores? Judging by our age demographic breakdown, you probably don't. Music's migration to the digital stage over the past 20 years has brought with it an abundance of positive developments—the ways we discover, distribute, and interact with music has evolved immeasurably—but we've lost something vital along the way. The experience of being a listener went from record releases dates, music mags, and "we," to album leaks, 140 characters, and "I."
Hear hear! And...
It's time to change all that: Noisey is finally taking music out of beta with the announcement of our Listening Party series, a first-of-its-kind advance streaming platform that allows you to preview highly-anticipated releases and become a part of an actual global conversation. Each Listening Party is a unique, one-time-only event where fans and listeners from around the world convene to experience new music together, interact with one another, receive unrivaled access into the mind of the artist, and truly get to say that they were a part of something unparalleled.

You can join in the fun today, April 3rd at 3:00PM (EST), right here.

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Thanks Deckeda, listening to it now. Always been a fan of this group in doses. I also can't stop looking at this album cover.