Listen Up | Musical Fidelity

The Musical Fidelity M1CLiC Universal Digital Controller/Network Audio DAC ($1,999) was sitting pretty in between the Penn Audio Cenya monitors ($3,995) while the Musical Fidelity M6i 200wpc dual-mono integrated amp ($2,999) handled the power play.

The M1CLiC is another piece of kit I'm looking forward to taking for a test drive. Essentially the M1CLiC is a preamplifier, 24/192 capable DAC and streamer all in one with ethernet and wireless networking capabilities built-in so you can connect your computer, USB hard drive or iPod/iPhone and serve up your stored files, stream music from the internet, connect other line-level devices through one of its three analog inputs, and feed it all out to your amplifier of choice. And that's just the short-story version.

Musical Fidelity also rejigged their "V" line-up including the V-Can ($119), V-DAC ($249), V-Link ($199) and V-LPS ($99) into what I'd say is more handsome attire.