Linn's 24 Days of Christmas

How does a free Studio Master download every day from now until December 25th sound? Hint: Good! I'll let Linn tell the story:
Get in the festive spirit with a free Studio Master download every day until Christmas. With 24 days of magical recordings by a host of great musicians, you can relax from the bustle of Christmas and enjoy a musical gift from Linn.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy - from the lively lilts of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and a captivating concerto from the Avison Ensemble, to foot-stomping indie-rock band Admiral Fallow and the absorbing rhythms of Emma Pollock (The Delgados).

Each track is available in Studio Master - the highest quality download available anywhere, letting you hear a song exactly as it was recorded. Every note, every beat captured just as it sounded before it was shrunk to fit on CD or squashed down to MP3 size.

Don’t forget to check back each day - by Christmas you’ll have an unbelievable playlist, with love from Linn.

Get your free Christmas present(s) from Linn here.

Blu's picture

Thanks Michael,

This is a nice offer from Linn Records, is offering download specials on classical music albums leading up to Christmas.

They offer two 24 bit album downloads per day, one from the PentaTone label and the other from the BIS label at 50% off each, which on day two drops to 25% off.

I will let you know if I hear of any other download specials for Christmas.

Cheers, Blu

Michael Lavorgna's picture

For the heads up on the specials. I'll keep an eye out for others as well.


Blu's picture

Hi Michael,

The Hyperion Record company is offering 20% off boxed sets, whether as CD's or downloads and discounts on their recent best sellers as CD's or downloads.

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Looks like I can afford buying multiple albums this time just like i did when i got bluepromocode coupons in which i was able to complete my vivaldi set.

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