Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB Cable (MSRP $1399.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

While designing the highest speed USB DAC on the market (Da Vinci DAC), Larry found that the USB cable was one of the weakest links in many computer-based front-ends. By isolating the USB power, re-clocking the signal, and buffering it with our patent-pending 3 layer buffer, Larry minimized the cable's effect. Even so, bit-perfection of the digital signal and original precise timing was often lost by the USB cable. How to fix it? Engineer a better cable.

We tested dozens of "high-end" USB cables and found that many can't achieve the 480Mbps bandwidth requirement of the USB 2.0 high speed standard! Even worse, signal integrity is often damaged by the noise in the power leg of the cable.

Lightspeed USB uses a unique topology, which we call Ultra-high Speed Differential Pair (or USDP). USDP gives Lightspeed 20 times the bandwidth of USB 2.0 high speed, which ensures optimal signal clocking. In fact, Lightspeed's astounding 10 Gigabits per second bandwidth is twice as fast as USB 3.0! Additionally, its 2-in-1 architecture physically separates the signal leg from the five volt power leg, preventing source-generated noise from disturbing the digital signal. The result: a bit-perfect USB cable.

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Jnani's picture

I will get my wife to let me get a DSD/DAC if you give me - er, her - this cable. Then we can work on some Ayon or Lamm or AR equipment to replace the old Marantz. 

gocubs42's picture

Okay I'm ready to win this cable..I really need it to complete my system!!!

JR_Audio's picture

this would be great


mikerr's picture

I can not wait to experience what these would be like

BobMc's picture

that my USB cable is worth more than my computer

firedog55's picture

and I'd love to find out

donahewj's picture

just what i need

wisnon's picture

Thanks in advance!

uzi's picture

I'd like to try the cable please.

johnbal's picture

Luck be a Lady!

curly21029's picture

I've never really tried a high-end USB cable before...

christopher3393's picture

I never win..I never win...I never win...I never win...etc.

boisty's picture

2 please!

Axiom05's picture

Count me in!

bprochford's picture

I want to know what a $1400 cable will do for my system.

beaur's picture

The cable may as well match my carpet, correct??

Casey2007's picture

I'd love to try it vs my reference USB cable =)

ConnectedAlt's picture

Would love to pit this against my Audioquest stuff.  

Azteca X's picture

Let me settle the digital cable debate for you, Michael! angle

mcondo's picture

Wonder what level of improvement I can expect?

Dick James's picture

Thanks for the contests!

jaywillin's picture

cables don't really matter !!.....or do they.....there's the rub

duskdrums's picture

Would love to see if this makes a difference. 

WhiteG's picture

...with my Photon interconnects!  Thanks.

ster4610's picture

I'm in!

AudioDoctor's picture

that is quite a bit of marketing babble...

CThru's picture


bumpyjones's picture

Yes, please

Jmilton7043's picture

How delightful!

DSeagle03's picture

I definitely need a upgrade.

hifial's picture

I would love to compare it against my give away USB cable. Plus I need to get a USB Audiophile Cable for my new Digital Audio System.


Stirrio's picture

Please send via FedEx Lightspeed.

eliotic's picture

Cool, thanks.

jim tavegia's picture

This would probably force me to get a DSD DAC. 

mink70's picture

...that this USB cable will utterly transform my dreary existence.

oscar_nr's picture

Love that red cable!

Need to be connected to my DAC. 

Best regards


otaku's picture

Do I get a choice of termination?

jchaps's picture


paulg's picture

I'll need a better DAC to live up to this cable, but I'm game!

avpassion's picture

They do!!!

excitemike's picture

I'll take

noirx7's picture

Can I hear

the difference?

SuperRu's picture

Wow that would be a awsome upgrade.

weirdo12's picture

I wonder how long the cable is?

Bill Leebens's picture


mikepbrowning's picture

Sign me up

martian's picture

I'm intrigued about how a cable increases a speed I thought was set by the port but hey, if it works, I'd love to give it a shot.

eeifb's picture

I could really use it.

doublewooddc's picture

I should get bonus credit for the clever, audophile-esque, somewhat lame play on words.  =-)


Good luck to everyone else!



P.S. Enjoying my recently aquired Schiit Asgard 2 in my work office.

jeffh's picture

What a great upgrade this would be.

kchamblin's picture

I really need a new USB cable!

hotsoup's picture

..for audio or light bondage

SeanEK's picture

I have a special place for this cable

PeteRoth's picture

then at least give me the USB cable!

Jonahsdad's picture


Speakerphile's picture

Count me in!

Asgeir101's picture

As I am moving into the full size dac world this thing would be extremely handy

barrows's picture

Seems overpriced to me, but I will happily try it for free against a Nordost Blue Heaven.

caseya21's picture

Would be very interesting to see what a 1300 dollar cable is capable of :-)

dparker's picture

Light speed!

louc6569's picture

How nice it would be to have this cable to compare it with my cheaper one I'm using for my digital setup.

torturegarden's picture

Sure, I'd love to have this $1399 USB cable to go with my $500 DAC.

meraklya's picture

..and the price is rite!

audiom's picture

I'm probably not worthy, but what the heck.

Priaptor's picture

that I deserve to win this contest.  

If I don't have to pay anything for it, then I can continue the same "oh, it's just a cable, how much do you think I paid" comments to my wife

baddog's picture

Hi,I have a new DAC arriving, and I would really like to win this cable!



michael123's picture


moog man's picture

oh yea

Soundbound's picture

Obscene:-) all shoud be given away for free until a realistic price can be agreed upon!

attilahun's picture

I'd love to have this cable.

John C Freeman's picture

Hope springs eturnal

anomaly7's picture

Okay, this goes for more than my TEAC UD-501, but I believe in spending more on cables than the electronics, especially if I can win these. 

spyder1's picture

Impressive upgrade USB cable!

idigmingus's picture

I sure hope so.

paulmarc's picture

thanks for giveaway

jmcgowan's picture

I would love to win this, It wouldbe perfect for the music serverI plan on setting up!!

msagar's picture

I need it .

uniqueusername's picture

That such an expensive cable can make that great a difference, but again, I'm willing to let my ears hear the proof! 

JIMIXY's picture

An incredible expensive USB cable, how does it comapre to wireworld's platinum starlight?

bella1323's picture

would be nice add on to my dac setup

Travis Klersy's picture

Still waiting to take the plunge.

tgar's picture

Purchased Peachtree X1 today to upgrade my DAC*iT.  This would be a great part of the team!

detdave's picture

Need to get every last byte out of my system, this should do it!

gld3gld3's picture

How cool would that be!!!

freedm's picture

Oh Yeah!

lenbell's picture

really bad

impeth's picture

donald2tu's picture

Always wondering how much difference an USB cable can make. Seems like this Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB Cable can be a good litmus test!

CraigS's picture

Can wait to try it out

steven2583's picture