Light Harmonic DaVinci 384K DAC

You've probably seen the Light Harmonic DaVinci 384K DAC ($20,000) before and if you have, you'll recall its quirky and to my eyes playful in a manta way design. As the name suggests, the DaVinci DAC can handle up to 32-bit/384kHz data and it can do so through its Asynchronous USB or S/PDIF input. Now you may think the DaVinci offers up its super high resolution in order to upsample all those lowly incoming signals. But it doesn't. The DaVinci DAC is of the non-oversampling variety and it is so because Light Harmonic felt it sounds better that way.

Also in use and on display was the prototype DaVinci Source music server with an estimated price coming in at "under $10,000...Hopefully".