Light Harmonic Da Vinci Dual DAC

The Light Harmonic Da Vinci Dual DAC ($31,000) adds DSD to the Da Vinci's 32/384-capable NOS USB DAC. The new DSD section of the Da Vinci Dual DAC is completely separate from the PCM decoding engine so PCM playback retains Light Harmonic's preferred Non-Oversampling (NOS) topology while adding up to double rate 128x DSD playback. The best of both world's? We shall see as the Da Vinci Dual DAC is headed to AudioStream HQ for review. We'll also be publishing Steve Plaskin's review of the PCM-only Da Vinci DAC very soon. Stay tuned.

Also on display in the Light Harmonic room was the forthcoming Da Vinci Source ($TBD) music server that will feature between 6 and 10TB of storage in a RAID array, a 256GB SSD, and a Blu-ray drive. The Source will also come with an Apple iPad with the Light Harmonic remote app pre-installed.

The matching Airplay-capable Da Vinci Streamer ($TBD) can also handle up to 32/384 playback via Ethernet. The Source and Streamer will be available Q2 2013.

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Hi, when is the review of this unit due?


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There have been delays in getting a review sample which, according to Light Harmonic, has to do with demand - they are apparently selling every one they make.