Lavry Engineering

Dan Lavry of Lavry Engineering has been vocal about his belief that 24-bit/192kHz is not only overkill (not his language) but detrimental to sound quality. In his paper titled "Sampling Theory", Mr. Lavry states, "Sampling audio signals at 192KHz is about 3 times faster than the optimal rate...It compromises the accuracy which ends up as audio distortions." Whether or not Mr. Lavry is correct and everyone else isn't is not a topic for today. The Lavry Engineering room was showing two of their consumer DACs—the LavryBlack DA10 ($1,148) and the Lavry Gold DA2002 ($11,250) as well as the AD11 ($1,680) analog to digital converter.

The DA10 offers XLR, Coaxial (RCA) and Optical (Toslink) digital inputs and AES/EBU outputs. The DA2002 has a pair of XLR inputs and a single Coaxial (RCA) input and AES/EBU outputs. Of course they both handle up to 24/96 and not a bit more.

The M2Tech hiFace ($179) USB to S/PDIF converter which can pass up to 24/192 files was being used to connect a laptop to the DA10 which in turn was connected to the self-powered ADAM Audio Column MK 3 speakers ($7,000) the bigger brothers to the Professional Audio ARTist 3s I reviewed (and enjoyed).