LampizatOr DAC Distributor brings AudioNec to North America

The North American distributors for LampizatOr DACs/servers and Final Touch Audio products – Destination Sound Group (DSG) – has announced it is bringing in the AudioNec loudspeaker line from France.

The LampizatOr Pacific Balanced DAC ($27,000 USD) made a deep impression here at AudioStream and when I saw this DSG press release I remembered that Herb Reichert heard the Pacific being demoed by LampizatOr’s own main man Lukasz Fikus paired with AudioNec EVO #1 loudspeakers in Munich earlier this year. I also remembered how moved he was by the experience, so I dug up the email he sent me in May about the listening session.

In it he described the Pacific DAC and AudioNec experience as short-lived because: “… a man came, listened a bit, and then pleaded for Fikus to sell the Pacific DAC – right then and there. Fikus was touched by the pleading man’s tears, so he let him take it.”

Reichert ended up spending the rest of the listening session with the $22,000 USD Golden Gate II DAC. A quad-DSD-capable tubed unit he described as full of “super-quality internal bits and a copper-wrapped chassis that is available in two configurations: balanced (with five tubes) and unbalanced (with three tubes). The Golden Gate II features completely separate DSD and PCM D/A circuits, manually switchable by the user, and a volume control.”

He went on to say that “AudioNec specializes in loudspeakers utilizing its unique paper diaphragm Duo-Pole driver that reproduces frequencies above 200hz and a DSPV-4 room acoustic correction processor. The EVO series appears to be a more modestly-rendered version of AudioNec’swell-known (and more expensive) Diva, Crystal, Nova, Answer, and Museum series.

“My auditions established two things,” Reichert wrote. “Firstly, AudioNec’s Duo-Pole driver makes a finely-grained midrange that projects singer’s voices with a refined natural tone that defies adjectives like smooth or detailed. This paper driver reproduces music in a way that is distinctly not-hi-fi. And not papery. Or ribbon-like. Or electrostatic-like. Voices seemed, not necessarily more real than other speaker types, but maybe less colored.

The AudioNec EVO line.

“The EVO #1 was ‘less-colored’ enough to make sure I could recognize and appreciate fully the LampizatOr Golden Gate II’s liquid pleasures. At the time I thought the EVO #1’s neutrality may be eradicating – or at least balancing out – some of the Lampizator’s legendary tube-luminosity. Whether it did or not, the sound I experienced was enjoyable in the extreme. Obviously, Lukasz Fikus recognizes fine sound – especially when he’s making it.”

Press release highlights below

Destinantion Sound Group is pleased to announce it will be distributing AudioNec loudspeakers in North America. Audionec has designed a proprietary full-range driver from 200hz to 25khz. No traditional driver compares when recreating the feel and sense of live musicians in the room. 

This magical “duopole driver” is an open-backed dipole manufactured in-house, and implemented throughout the Evo line. When coupled with a traditional bass cabinet, this driver provides the transparency of electrostatics, the speed of horns, and the slam of a traditional box speaker. 

In addition to their unparalleled sound these speakers have a unique modular design.  The Evo #1 has the same world class sonics from 35hz~25khz as the rest of the line. As the name “Evo” suggests, audiophiles can expand upon their speaker platforms by adding driver modules to increase bass and scalability for evolving needs. 

At less then a foot taller the Evo #2 with extended bass down to 18hz, still retains the same small footprint as the Evo #1. Also the same footprint, but standing at 6 feet tall is the remarkable Evo #3 speaker 18hz~25khz. Finally the flagship in the line, the Evo# 4 combines a separate sub-tower built for the biggest of rooms and scalability for the most demanding audiophiles – 15hz~25khz.

  • Buyers have the option of choosing between three configurations as well as upgrading from passive to AS and AS to Signature
  • Passive with a 88/89db rating
  • AS version with powered low/sub sporting 96db efficiency
  • Signature version which adds room correction abilities to the already State of the Art AS variant

For finishes, the entire RAL palette is on demand at no extra cost. Piano lacquers, leather, carbon fiber, straw/wood marquetry and other bespoke designs can be added at additional costs. Speaker frames come standard in anodized black or silver.

Destination Sound Group invites you to join us in room 312 at Capitol Audiofest November 2-4th, 2019 as we unveil a sound that will move your mind, body and soul, with the intensity of a live event. 

For additional information or to purchase these products in the United States, please contact DSG at: 

Destination Sound Group

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Hi Rafe,

Prana Distribution welcomes the Destination Sound Group. We've been importing Audionec for 18 months and continue to do so. There is plenty of room for such a wealth of electronic and speaker virtuosity.

As of this fall, Audionec speakers can be heard at our primary showroom just North of Boston,(both the Classic and Evo lines in their Signature versions, along with their phenomenal SDV5-S server/dac, and the top reference Trafomatic tube gear fed by Nodal Power Conditioning) and at our satellite locations in suburban Detroit and San Diego. We think as soon as people hear what we've heard, the line for what is possible will be pushed forward a few yards.

all the best,

Fred Crane
Prana Distribution LLC
Cambridge, MA

Destination Sound Group's picture

Dear Audiophiles,

Destination Sound Group is proud to be the first to debut the amazing new Evo speaker line from AudioNec in France. We will be presenting the room friendly Evo 2 at Capital Audio Fest in Rockville, MD. November 1-3 in room 312. We will also be debuting our newest Lampizator KT150 single ended stereo amp. For source we will be using our sublime flagship Pacific DAC. Cables from Final Touch Audio.

If you cannot make it to Capital Audio Festival. Please contact us to arrange for a private audition as we are committed to helping our fellow audiophiles build their dream systems.

Stay tuned for further announcements about our upcoming events!!!

Best regards,
Robert Reich
Fred Ainsley
Destination Sound Group