KEF LS50 and LS50 Wireless on sale until Dec. 31

You’ve read the reviews obsessively. You’ve gone to your local bricks and mortar or a hi-fi trade show and sat shoulder-to-shoulder with others to listen to them, or stopped round to a mate’s flat for a pint and heard them.

You’ve made all the appropriate faces while listening to them.

Why don’t you just grab a pair already?

For all those out there in audiophile-land who have been hemming and hawing about whether to lay down some cash on KEF’s award-winning LS50 or LS50 Wireless loudspeakers, the time may have come to get off the fence and commit to buying a pair.

Until December 31, KEF is offering $500 USD off their flagship mini-monitor LS50 ($999 from $1,499 USD) and $200 USD off the LS50 Wireless Music System ($1,999 USD from $2,199 USD).

Having heard both models a number of times I can say without rhetoric they are two of the finest sub-$5,000 USD mini-monitors I’ve heard.

The amount of technology stuffed into both versions, from the years-long R&D that went into their shared Uni-Q driver array (courtesy of KEF’s Blade Series), their chassis and enclosure, to the Wireless version and its 4.0.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth 4/aptX protocols, end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit digital signal path with integral streaming pre-amplifier built-in (Tidal, Spotify Connect and a Roon endpoint), separate DACs for each channel (four in total) and 230 watts of bi-amped, dual-mono analog-stage power, makes either a no-brainer for those on the hunt.

So, which to buy? That depends on what you’re looking for. If you’ve got digital or analog sources, an integrated amp or a preamp and mono blocs or a stereo power amp, then the LS50 is the one for you, but if you’re looking for a low box count (I mean zero by that) then the LS50 Wireless just needs you to connect it via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet and your up and running.

So, the decision is yours. Check out the sale offer HERE.

KEF – GP Acoustics (US), Inc.
10 Timber Lane Marlboro NJ, 07746

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