JPlay/Thrax Audio

Thrax Maximinus Universal DSP controlled discrete resistor ladder 32bit/384kHz audio DAC

I got to hear two very interesting A/B comparisons in the JPlay/Thrax Audio room. For the first A/B, we switched back 'n forth between the same song by none other than Elvis playing from a 12" 45rpm single (A) and a 16/44.1 rip (B). The second A/B was a live LP (A) compared to the digital download of the same. During the A/B'ing in the first comparison, the differences were negligible at best. I would have been hard pressed to guess which we were listening to. In the second comparison, it was painfully clear that the LP sounded smaller, more condensed, and overall less engaging. And I mean painfully clear. But let's set the boundaries of these A/Bs as they are talking about the recordings and system context as much as they are about formats. But I still view this as good news.

The Thrax Maximinus Universal DSP controlled discrete resistor ladder 32bit/384kHz audio DAC (TBD but around €20,000) sources their R2R ladder DACs from MSB Technology. Incoming 16/44.1 data is upsampled to 32/352.8kHz prior to hitting the DAC which "greatly improves low-level resolution and the sense of space" according to Thrax. There are 2 of each type of inputs that include Coax S/PDIF, Toslink, and AES/EBU, as well as single-ended and balanced output pairs and there separate power supplies for The Maximinus which is clad in a solid aluminum case.

The rest of the system included the Thrax Spartacus monoblock amplifiers, Thrax Dionysos line level preamplifier, Thrax Orpheus phono stage, Kaiser Acoustics Kawero! speakers, and the dual PC JPlay setup.

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Digital beats vinyl?

its the end of the world as we know it...

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Listening to records and listening to files are two different kinds of experiences. I enjoy them both and do not view them as being mutually exclusive or in competition with one another.

That said, the idea that digital can be as musically engaging as vinyl is a win win for everyone involved.