Is It Live...

...or is it Boris?

Blindness. Hi-fi struggles with it for no good reson. I remember year's ago at The Show when it was still held in Vegas during CES, an exhibitor gave a demo of live vs. recording. A three-piece band played a song which was recorded, live. Then they all left and the live recording was played back—the point the exhibitor was trying to make was something like, "See! It sounds the same!" All I could think of was, these are two radically different experiences.

And they are. Plain & simple. The idea that we can reproduce a live event to the point of being unable to differentiate between the two ignores experience which includes, among other things, all of our senses. I think that's what Mark Twain had in mind when he said:

"Comparison is the death of joy."

We saw and heard and felt Boris last night at Warsaw in Brooklyn and seeing as the sound waves made my jeans flutter like a hurricane, I won't be reproducing that event in the barn anytime soon.

Remember, always use protection.

GlacierJeff's picture

I skipped seeing them and mutoid man at St Vitus last night, and I'm feeling like a dummy for it.

blang11's picture

I'll have to check out Boris.

Shredder's picture

Saw them in Denver a couple o
f weeks ago, serious freak show. In a good way.