IsoMike/EMM Labs/Sonoma/Pass Labs/Sony/Kimber

The system: Sonoma 32, EMM Labs CDSD, EMM Labs TSDX, EMM Labs XDS1, EMM Labs DAC6e, EMM Labs DAC2X, EMM Labs MA-1, EMM Labs MA-2, EMM Labs PRE2 x2, EMM Labs SWM3, Kimber Kable Select KS-1130, Pass Labs X350.5 x2, Sony SSAR-1 x 4, Kimber Select KS-1130 & 3038, and Kimber Palladian 14, 10 and PK 14G. System, price = $275,610.00.

But let me back up one minute and point out that Ray Kimber of Kimber Kable and IsoMike was responsible for bringing Fan-Ya Lin to RMAF and I forgot to point this out in my related post and I also forgot to thank him for bringing such wonder to weary listeners. Thank you!

We were treated to various 4-channel SACD recordings from IsoMike and the sound was enveloping and brash and bold.