IsoAcoustics GAIA Isolation Pucks

OK, this isn't my beat but I always like sticking me head into the IsoAcoustics room to see what they're up to. I own a pair of their speaker stands (see review) and consider them a must-have item for anyone with desktop speakers. Their new GAIA Isolation Pucks (GAIA I: $600/4 holds up to 220lbs, GAIA II ($300/4 holds up to 110lbs.) promise to work the same magic (OK, it's not really magic) on floor-standers.

I got to hear an A/B comparison using two pairs of Focal speakers, one pair with GAIA and one with the included spikes, and the difference was not subtle—the GAIA Pucks improved the sound quality in very obvious and welcome ways.

From my notes—"Sound opens up with the IsoAcoustics footers, shrinks on spikes." To be filed under, "This shit works."

Richard D. George's picture

I was hoping someone in the "press" reported on this room. This was one of the most impressive A/B audio presentations I have heard in quite a while. Everyone in the room was blown away. Comments were along the lines of "No Way!"

I bought my college age son (who is in to both re-mixes and direct music creation) a pair of Dynaudio BM Series III active studio monitors. Dynaudio is so impressed with the Iso Acoustics stands that Michael mentioned that they include them with the active monitors.

Regarding the new speaker isolation "feet", the difference in sound stage and bass presence was uncanny. I am contemplating applications, including under sub-woofers.