Innovative Audio/MSB

NY Dealer Innovative Audio had two rooms at the NY Show filled with gear & music. For the Stanford Room, I totally messed up the photo of the MSB stack of digital components in use so I'm showing instead the D'Agostino Momentum Ultra-Analog preamplifier with power base ($32,000). If you could see the MSB stack, you'd see the Diamond DAC IV Plus ($27,995), with the FemtoSecond Galaxy Clock (4,995), Diamond Stepped Attenuator ($2,995), USB2 Signature 384kHz Input ($1,395), Pro I(sup)2S Input ($995), the MSB Diamond Power Base ($5,995), Signature Power base ($4,995), and Platinum Data CD IV ($3,995).

The rest of the system consisted of the D'Agostino Momentum monoblocks ($55,000/pair) and the Wilson Alexia speakers ($48,500) all tied together with Transparent cables and power cords. I was fortunate to get to hear a recording by Wilson Audio's Peter McGrath of a composition by Ástor Piazzolla from a live performance and the sound was delicate, nuanced, and delightful.