I Want Your Lovely Recordings!

I don't know about you, but I've been loving our Lovely Recordings feature. In case you missed them, the idea is simple; I want YOU to send in some recordings you enjoy both for sound and music quality. Simple. It could be just one record, but better is always better, and what I'm looking for is a story about why this music grabs you.

You can check out Lovely Recordings: A New AudioStream Column for all the details.

The reason for this reminder/recruiting post is I'm running out of reader submissions. Egads! If the reader submissions run dry, I'll be forced to write them myself and what fun would that be? I may even torture you with nothing but audiophile chestnuts!

Don't make me do it. Save me, save us by sending in your Lovely Recordings!

Share your Lovely Recordings with us!

audiobill's picture

I thought I counseled you about overusing "lovely".....so annoyingly pretentious.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
I ignored you.
beaur's picture

Just sent an email to the requested address with my list of 9.

garysi's picture

Michael, give a listen to Oxbow and Jet Plane by the Austin band, Shearwater. My download of the week.

Gary D'Amato

TheWolf's picture

Pretensions be damned. I am very interested in seeing this section develop because I am constantly in search of other's opinions of great recordings. I would love to find new quality recordings I may have never heard of or overlooked.

Fetuso's picture

I'm waiting for MQA, at which time you should change the name to Lovlier Recordings.

harrylime6's picture

Hi, Michael
Have you considered launching a "Lovely Tracks" feature to complement the album-centric "Lovely Recordings"? More and more artists these days are releasing their music as Singles and EPs only. By making their music available in this manner, artists avoid the greater costs (of both time and money) associated with recording an album. The Singles/EP approach also allows artists to bring their music to market in a more timely fashion than the Album strategy allows. So give it some thought, Michael, and if you can see a place for "Lovely Tracks" within Audiostream, I will be among the first to submit suggestions. Many thanks. -Edward