The i-Fi Micro line from Avatar Acoustics is brand spankin' new and comes to you courtesy of "trickle-down technology licensed from AMR and aimed primarily at the future, Computer Audio generation." Hey! That's us and we're here! While the i-Fi line was on silent display the iDAC ($299) tempted with its asynchronous USB input that can handle up to 24/192kHz source material, headphone amp, and analog volume control. You can add the optional iUSB Power Plant ($199) that offers "super regulated power with Isoearth and Isopower technology providing two USB outputs, one for power and another for audio/power."

There's also a matching iCAN ($249) headphone amp and iPHONO MM/MC Phono Preamp ($399) to round out your output and input options. The iDAC is small enough to easily fit in a backpack just like the one I carry around audio shows (hint).