"I don't do that much talking these days"

Friends invited us to a concert last week and I'll admit it was one I would not have otherwise attended.

Jackson Browne, accompanied by Greg Leisz, performed at NJPAC last Thursday evening to a full and grateful house. Women swooned, men cried. Really.

Truth be told, I'm working on sanding off the remaining veneer of judgement that clouds my ability to enjoy. At some point, I imagined that being able to not enjoy some things was a badge of honor. The more things on that list, the more refined my taste. I was wrong.

You see, there's no harm in the enjoyment of music. Of course I do not enjoy everything, but I no longer dwell on it. I prefer to drink in the goodness that life has to offer and Jackson Browne, accompanied by Greg Leisz, offered up lots of goodness for anyone with a mind/body willing to surrender.

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Michael, curious. What judgments are you dealing with that would "cloud" your ability to enjoy JB?

It's not that I'm a big fan, but as a musician, I always thought he spoke honestly through his music and clearly it touched many people over the years. Isn't that all that matters?

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I prefer to say -- all that matters is that he makes music.
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Just think of him as a member of Nico's band and her young lover (true)!

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"For Everyman," "Late For The Sky," and "The Pretender" made for a solid three album run when I was a yoot.

I've always loved the line, "I was taken by a photograph of you."

He's a congenial performer and 'pretends' to play requests many nights....knowing what the requests will be.

"Time the Conqueror" was a good spin, as well. It must be tough to try to keep it vital and fresh while still being expected to be a human juke box on tour. I always thought it would be cool for artists to be able to promote a tour as "new stuff!" and not have the crowd whistling and screaming for 'Running on Empty' every night.

"The Pretender" on Mo Fi is a good pressing, as well.

When I was 13, I had a girlfriend who was the world's biggest JB fan. I've heard "Saturate Before Using" (I know that's not the official name) and "For Everyman" perhaps a thousand times each.

I hope the show brought you good things, man!

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We went to see him a couple of times and he came out at the beginning on each occasion, introduced the support act, played one of their songs with them and then left them to perform. Near the end of his set he invited them back out to play with him. I just think thats a really nice approach and gesture when most supporting acts don't get much of a look in. It set the tone for them and made sure the audience was attentive.

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Browne's two-volume acoustic live album is a monument to the profundity that a man with a song and a guitar or piano can express. Ditto, Peter Frampton's recent acoustic album. How that guy has kept his youthful vocal range all these years is a mystery. Ditto, Neil Young live at the Cellar Door in 1973. I prefer all of these musician-laid-bare works over the gussied-up, fussied-up studio albums, decent though they are.

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...like Waddy Wachtel, David Lindley, and once when I was really fortunate - Warren Zevon.