HP Connected Music powered by Meridian

Here's some news! from Meridian and HP:
Meridian Audio, experts in audio technology for 35 years, bring you HP Connected Music powered by Meridian.

Meridian's award-winning team has developed HP Connected Music powered by Meridian,the preferred music management application for select HP consumer PCs. Meridian's audio research consultancy team has already won acclaim for its work, providing high quality audio solutions for clients including Dolby Laboratories, McLaren Automotive and Jaguar Land Rover.

This custom-built application, to be offered on select HP products, provides elements of the rich user experience from our Meridian Digital Media Systems, allowing consumers to experience music downloads, streaming services and internet radio all in one convenient place.

Meridian Digital Media Systems is the new name for their Sooloos System so getting, "the same intuitive, award-winning graphic software interface that powers Meridian Digital Media Systems," for free! when buying select HP computers is pretty amazing news considering Meridian's Control 15 system is $7,500.

Here's the full scoop.

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Went to the HP web site - no mention of Meridian

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I just bought a new HP laptop this year, so I wonder if it'll pop up in automatic updates? Would be interested to try.

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I love that large computer manufacturers are looking at their product line as a potentially great media server and reexamining the software side of that equation, but without an improvement in the computer's DAC is this anything more than an alternative to iTunes?

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Assuming you can port the output to spdif or USB, you could then use the laptop as a media server. Of course this may not be possible, and the reason the Meridian software is "free".

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Does that mean I can have a Sooloos now on a $500 laptop? That would be awesome.

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I do not see any products on the HP site offering the Meridian software...yet. But the idea that you can get their interface included in a laptop, for example, is an appealing prospect for sure. 

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says HP Connected Music powered by Meridian software is available on HP Pavilion, HP Envy, and HP Spectre brands.

It will be interesting to see a list of specific features. Thanks for the heads up, Michael. Maybe there is a reason to buy a Windows 8 laptop after all--maybe.


Vade Forrester

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I've looked at product descriptions for the HP Pavilion, HP Envy, and HP Spectre computers on the HP website, and haven't seen any mention of the Meridian software. Hopefully it will appear soon and offer the features we need to be useful in an audio system, not just with its internal speakers, of which HP seems quite proud.


Vade Forrester