How to Find New Music on TIDAL, Qobuz, Roon or the Internet

Going out shopping for new music was easy when all we did was buy vinyl or CDs.

Record stores have a ‘New Releases’ section clearly marked, so finding the latest music was a no-brainer. You walked in and looked around.

Then the Internet exploded with Napster and we did our music shopping in a very different way; virtually flipping through LPs we wanted on other people’s hard drives.

But has it gotten easier since streaming audio online and high-res downloads started their inertial creep several years ago – when sound cards in our laptops or PCs were still dictating what we could listen to off our slowly-spinning hard drives – or is it more confusing?

Where do we find a place to browse new albums or releases online? There’s HD Tracks, Acoustic Sounds, and Chandos (to name but a few popular ones) for those still down to download.

But what about when it comes to streaming services?

There are music or audiophile-centric websites who have hifi cognoscenti curate their new-music picks to turn readers on to what they could be tuning into, but this (as with all things personality/taste defined) is not always ideal and can be hit-or-miss.

So, back to streaming services and their millions of offerings online… but for some this question has an obvious answer: it’s just a matter of navigating a menu system when using TIDAL or Qobuz (or other online services) or if you’re looking for an immersive experience, Roon, via drop-downs or buttons for browsing new releases. But, for many self-professed audiophiles or music lovers this can be confusing at best and frustrating beyond belief at worst. So, what to do?

To help some readers, friends and family who’ve expressed a desire for a bit of help plotting a course to new music on TIDAL and Qobuz, I’ve put together a very simple (I hope) step-by-step guide to doing so in both Mac desktop applications and Roon.

Let’s start with TIDAL. In the TIDAL app, start by making sure you are logged in and in your home directory – click on the HOME button on the left-hand menu bar. This will bring up a page that looks like this:

From there, scroll down until you see the ’New’ music button, highlighted in this screen shot:

Click it and you will be taken to this screen which shows ‘New Albums”

Slide your mouse over to the right and click ‘View All’ to see what TIDAL has got that’s fresh. From there you can start your journey into sampling everything that’s come out starting at the top with the latest and descending back through time. That’s it. Enjoy.

If you’re looking to browse TIDAL Masters (MQA) titles, simply go to the Home screen and scroll down the main window until you see the ‘Master Quality Audio Albums’ section to access these titles (if you’re paying for the MASTERS tier of TIDAL that it) as in this screen shot:

Qobuz users have it even easier as their UI (User Interface) has the ‘New releases’ button directly on the left side of the home page once you’re logged in. It looks like this:

Click on it and you’ll be taken to this screen, slide your mouse over to the right and click ‘View all new releases’

You will then be taken to this page where you can view all genres available as new releases, or click on the ‘Select one or more genres’ button to open this drop-down menu to choose your genre of choice.

That’s it, you can now search and listen to your heart’s content to all the new music available through Qobuz in PCM format up to 24-bit/192kHz.

If you’re using Roon to manage/curate either your TIDAL or Qobuz streaming music libraries (or both) then your home page looks similar to the image below. Go to the top left side of the UI and click on the three little horizontal bars icon as shown in this screen shot:

It will open a large drop down menu, from there click on either Qobuz or TIDAL as seen here:

This will open either application within the Roon ecosystem and both have clearly marked new music buttons. When Qobuz opens it’s on the top left and labeled ‘New Releases’ as seen here:

When TIDAL springs to life it’s open default is to the ‘What’s New’ tab and on the right you can toggle between ‘New,’ ‘Recommended,’ ‘Top 20,’ and ‘Masters.’

From these points you explore both services’ offerings basically as you would within each respective application.

I hope this little new music primer has been helpful. Happy listening!

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This is just to add that if you click on "New Releases" on the right hand of the " Discover" page you will be presented with a limited number of selections. Qobuz say this is to keep the page clean i.e. uncluttered. If you click on it a second time then you will see what I think are all of that week's new releases. If you click a third time you will get ( I believe) all of the new releases for the past month.

Just to reiterate Rafe's point, it helps to ease choice if you just select the genres that are of interest to you. You can do this before going to " See all new releases". If you have a regular genre ( or genres)that you are most interested in then you can set them in your account settings in the " Interface" section. Then new releases will only show that selected genre or genres.

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I didn't realize that trick myself – thank you!
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When I open Qobuz via Roon, the splash display is something called "Qobuz Grand Selections." Oddly, I just opened the Qobuz app and it's not there... clicking around I couldn't find it either. However...

There have been days where I just wandered around through the Grand Selections from 8am until bed time. Some albums are brand new. A lot more aren't new but are artists I'd never heard of, or only heard one song a long time ago. There are occasional weird albums - the album of a combo of sighing accordions and torch singing in French with an album title that made me think it was going to be a French version of Gogol Bordello, that was amusing for one song, and gone quickly after. (Where do I click to say "you have got to be kidding me!")

But by and large albums in that section are more "WOW listen to that!" than anything else for me.

Qobuz' range is much more in sync with my tastes (eclectic doesn't even begin to describe them) than Tidal.'s picture

Problem with the New releases on Tidal is that I have to scroll through the rap, hip-hop and what seems to be Jay-Z sponsored 'music' I just don't want/care for.

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Tidal seems to be heavily weighted towards hip hop.

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Even though I love Tidal's MQA, it's absolutely horrible that you have to click through the albums to see what it is. There's no way to filter our the rap/hip-hop. However, in Qobuz, the interface is beautiful. Right on the front page, you can select the genres you want and all the sections show you just that genres.
Even on Roon there are parts that are unusable - "Most Popular Albums", it's most Rap.