Home Theater Podcast 89: Michael Lavorgna

Scott Wilkinson, Online Editor of our sibling site HomeTheater.com, was kind enough to invite me over (virtually) for a chat. A live video chat. See all the action here.

I'd like to thank Scott Wilkinson for his time, great questions and for keeping things moving along.


Yea, I know. I made some factual errors (which is why I do not play Jeopardy). One of the more obvious - On the subject of iTunes and the fact that it does not provide automatic sample-rate switching, I refer to setting these values in iTunes when in fact this is done on a Mac in the Audio MIDI Setup utility (Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup) and in Quicktime on a PC (QuickTime > Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences > Audio > Sound Out). You'd think this would be burned into my memory since I've had to do this a few thousand times.