Holy Schiit! Modi USB DAC for $99

Schiit Modi $99 USB DAC pictured with the Schiit Magni $99 1.2W Discrete Amp

Hot off the press release:

Modi is the most advanced USB DAC in its price class, featuring an asynchronous USB interface with plug-and-play, driverless operation on both PCs and Macs, a 32-bit AKM4396 D/A converter, and an active filter stage built around the AD8616 operational amplifier to drive long cables. It supports all bit depths and sampling rates from 16/44 to 24/96. Like Magni, it’s made in the USA and features a warranty 2X longer than most of the products in its price class.
And the amazing part is its $99. As in less than 100. And its available now from Schiit. A review sample should arrive shortly.

kenmac's picture

Holy asynchronous USB interface with plug-and-play driverless operation Batman!

earwaxxer's picture

That is impressive. I have the Gungnir. Great DAC by the way. For a hundred pops, thats a stocking stuffer!

Frank's picture

Made in USA what more can you say!

labjr's picture

I guess we shouldn't expect a $99 US made DAC to do 24/192?

Wonder how the pair compares to the DragonFly?

adsiguy60's picture

Please Santa I want it!

paulg's picture

Is it made with real metal?

jmcgowan's picture

I am pretty sure i need this now! Please Santa I have been a very good boy this year!

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I'm looking forward to the review, this is exactly the kind of thing I didn't know I needed before seeing that picture!