On A Higher Note/Luxman

The always gracious Philip O'Hanlon was using the Luxman DA-06 USB-DSD DAC ($5,990 and I have one here for review) to spin some rare DSD treats. The DA-06 can handle up to 24/192 though its AES and S/PDIF inputs, and up to 128x DSD via USB. I was treated to some A/B type listening first comparing a SACD rip of a Rachmaninoff symphony via the PlayStation method to the same track obtained via download. And the downloaded file sounded much more open, airy, and nuanced. Next we compared a DSD download to the exact same recording but this time the B-version was the raw, unedited mix. Again the latter sounded more open, less compressed, and there was generally a greater sense of unrestrained dynamics. And we're not talking subtle differences.

The rest of the system from On A Higher Note consisted of the curvaceous Vivid Giya G3 speakers ($40,000), Mola Mola class D monoblock amplifiers ($15,000/pair), and the Mola Mola preamplifier ($10,000).

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I have had the same preference at home with these three sources in multichannel.  The question is whether many performers will support the release of the "session" files.