On A Higher Note

Philip O'Hanlon of On A Higher Note is the distributor of some fine lines including Luxman, Merging Technologies, and Vivid speakers among others. I usually visit Philip's room on the last day of the show due to its location on the mezzanine level. By this time I'm typically overfull with information and ideas, and my talking mechanism, which sits idle at home for the better part of most days, is on its last legs. Listening to fine music on a fine system is the balm (bomb?) I crave and Philip delvers. Always.

The system I listened to was comprised of the Merging Technologies NADAC ($10,000/stereo see review), Luxman C-900u control amplifier ($19,900), Luxman M-900u stereo amplifier ($19,900), and the Vivid Giya G3 loudspeakers ($40,000/pair).

We listened to some of Philip's selections including a lovely recording of Mahler's 3rd conducted by Tom Caulfield from Channel Classics, "Whole Lotta Love" from the original and wonderfully dynamic LP Led Zeppelin II (a vinyl rip from non other than Mr. Fremer), and then Philip offered to play some of the music I had brought to RMAF 2016.

I chose the track "Warm Canto" from Mal Waldron's overwhelmingly lovely album The Quest and I had to choke back tears of joy (really).

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One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever! It was a delight to discover in Stereophile that Ron Carter is a serious audiophile. His plucked cello in combination with Dolphy's bass clarinet is the sound of my dreams.

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Have you heard Jesus Maria by Jimmy Giuffre? It has a similar kind of beauty.

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Wish they would make one non fifth-element-Diva speaker. Vivid speakers sound so amazingly good but looks too far out for all but the most daring.