High End Munich: The Greatest Show On Earth

Later today I board a flight which will get me to Munich tomorrow. Wednesday, according to my schedule, is art day, the exact destination unknown; I enjoy heading to Kunstareal and seeing what's up my alley. I view this day as my sensory awareness pre-show check-in.

Munich is also a big show, a really big show as witnessed by the Brands and Exhibitor List. Yikes!

Here's my plan: fun! and focus on the new and exciting! If you have a Munich wish list for our coverage, let me know.


Auf Wiedersehen!

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Have a pretzel with Harry and Lucy of the Bespoke Audio Company.

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Congratulate Rob Darling of Roon Labs on making it to Munich this year. That is, if he actually made it.

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Ask John Darko of DigitalAudioReview.net to describe how his experience of the Munich High End Show has changed now that he is not jet-lagged.

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Please go river surfing with "Stunning" Steve Silberman outside the Goldene Bar.

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I forgot Request 4: Please do Request 5.

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Play Aldous Harding's "Imagining My Man" in as many rooms as possible and report back.

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Get a private room . . . :)

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Give Frank Schroeder a hug.

Go jump off the platform at the Olympic diving center.

Do the touristy thing and hit the Hofbräuhaus and order the one of everything plate. Pay extra for the spanking.

Find the Obletter store and get special toys for kids you love.

Check out whichever store has the biggest model train section and marvel at the wild coolness of those things!

Parade your finest at the Englischer Garten.

Oh, yeah, hi fi...

Tell us how the Golden Ear Reference sounds!

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They will show a system with the SGM2015 music server, Maggiore pre/power amps, Aequo Audio Ensis speakers and Tellurium Q cables.
I wish you a great time in Munich!

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If can, would be great to hear your thoughts on the sounds emanating from....
Kii Three's room (new digital volume controller and exciting product getting Raves from the pro audio world (mix and mastering engineers)).

Spatial Audio X1 Loudspeaker - literally brand new product that aspires to compete with $30K loudspeakers at a fraction of the cost; it's design suggests it has a fighting chance.

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The new Vivaldi 1! And I'm not telling you to swipe the demo unit, but if you happen to have a large backpack...

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How about sauntering over to the Von Schweikert room to hear the Ultra 11 speakers? Here's hoping they bring those things to RMAF this year.