High End Munich 2019 with T+A

I admit it.

Prior to visiting the extraordinary-looking, brilliantly-lit 2001 A Space Odyssey-styled T+A room at High End 2019, my knowledge of their product line was sketchy at best. I knew they made some highly-specialized, highly-regarded, very expensive, digital components, but I had no idea German manufacturer T+A made seven separate levels/series of components – each with its own identity.

They also make six levels of loudspeakers applicable to a broad range of domestic environments. Likewise, I did not know T+A made audiophile accessories, including cables and mains distribution panels. Did you?

T+A appears devoted to covering every type of audiophile need at the highest possible quality level in, what their web page describes as, “...an elevated price bracket.” Likewise, I did not know that T+A stands for theory + application.

I do know that everywhere I looked I was astonished by the quality level of the industrial design, finish, beauty, and truly overbuilt feel of everything I saw and touched – especially the two Cala stereo receivers that were on static display: the Cala SD streaming receiver ($2,500 USD) and the $3,590 CDR CD-player/streaming-receiver; which I requested for review. The CDR has a subtle design elegance that appealed immediately to my right brain, with is colorfully-lit open base, it is among the most attractive/interesting-looking audio components I’ve ever encountered. I could not take my eyes off it.

But I had to, because the real news was the beautifully-sculpted and mechanically-sophisticated ($22,500) PDT 3100 HV Reference CD/SACD transport and matching SDV 3100 Reference Streaming DAC preamp $37,500. This $60K system looks like end-game digital product to me. The PDT 3100 HV transport looks and feels like it was built to space-station quality-standards; like it will last one-hundred years.

It features a double-differential quadruple-converter with four 32-bit Sigma-Delta D/A converters per channel; 705.8/768 kSps conversion rate, plus, a true-1-bit DSD converter with up to DSD 1024 (49.2 MHz) native bitstream. All of the SDV’s digital functions are professional-quality plug-ins which can easily be up-graded by the user. Want to play every kind of digitally stored music known to man? Forever? Without ever buying a new box? These two spacecraft-quality components might be the ticket to that plan.

T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG Planckstraße 9-11 D-32052 Herford
+49 (0) 5221-7676-0