High End Munich 2019: Dynaudio and the Wireless Paradigm

My audiophile wine-snob friends are shunning me. I see my hipster friends rolling their eyes. My long-time readers are scratching their heads. But it is true. I am actually getting into wireless + DSP speakers.

I think this is happening because wireless-DSP speakers play with a conspicuous (albeit synthesized) coherence that focuses my attention on the music. DSP speakers are, as the British say, well-sorted.

The powered wireless-DSP speakers I’ve heard sound quite different, and actually more authoritative, than regular old-school passive speakers; which, very often, sound iffy and confused because interactions with their environment swamp their potential clarity. It seems...

Wireless is entering the high end perfectionist realms because smart companies like KEF, and now Dynaudio, have gone all-in on this new technology. Currently, Dynaudio has no less than 10 wireless powered models designed to work on the floor, the desk, the bureau, and the wall. There are three floor-standing models: the Focus 60 and 30, plus the Xeo 30. Three shelf-stand-mounted models: the Focus 20 XD, the Xeo 10 and Xeo 20. Four very attractive (odd-numbered) bureau, shelf, or table-sitting models: The Music 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Dynaudio’s little £1,300 Xeo 10s look like they would work especially good in my room.

They can all be fed line level signals (via RCA) or a 3.5mm jack. There is an optical input that supports 24-bit/96kHz files. You may also use Bluetooth from your laptop or smartphone.

If you need more inputs or wireless features, Dynaudio offers an optional Connect box featuring a full range of digital inputs, DLNA streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz, and, Spotify Connect. It will however, cost you an extra £295.


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The next evolution/revolution in audio :-) ........

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This may sound like heresy, but I have heard some wireless battery powered Mackie speakers that ruled the waves.

I will look for the model names.

They capture the ‘live’ frisson very well! Built in DSP, amazing.

Tell your wine buddies that Sine Qua Non DEUX GRENOUILLES is just rebottled Conundrum!